Creating Connections Webinar Series

Wednesday, 20 May, 2020
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We are delighted to announce the first webinar in our Creating Connections series. We hope you'll join us and other IrelandXO members from all over the world as we show you how to discover more about your Irish ancestors' place of origin and help you create some real connections, with the community still living there today, and with others descended from the same place living all around the world.

Creating Connections Webinar Series

Each month, we'll be covering a new topic in a live webinar. These webinars will guide and assist our members with how they can best engage with the IrelandXO community through the message board and other platforms within the IrelandXO website. We'll also be sharing advice on how to use readily available resources to discover more about your own Irish family history.

Some of the topics this series will cover are:

  • How to get the most out of the IrelandXO Message Board and Chronicles facility

  • How we can assist you with locating your ancestral parish and connecting with the local community living there today

  • What free resources are available to help you find out more about your Irish Family History and to pinpoint a location within a parish

  • Local resources and assistance that our local IrelandXO volunteer network can share with you for further connections

May 2020

The first topic in our Creating Connections series is From Message Board to Meet & Greet. We will focus on the IrelandXO Community Message Board, showing you how it can be best used to discover more about your ancestors' place of origin. We will look at:

  • how best to frame a message board query

  • what information should be included   

  • what information is being looked for

This webinar series is exclusively for IrelandXO members. If you are not already an IrelandXO member, please make sure you have joined by Sunday 17th of May to receive your personal invitation to this month's Creating Connections webinar.

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