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We Irish are well known for our aversion to boredom. Music, art, storytelling and sport are among the many pastimes that have shaped our culture and informed our personality. We are a nation of people that treasures every moment of the day - no matter how short! This year the theme of National Heritage Week is Pastime Past Times, shining a light on leisure pursuits from times gone by, many of which are still part of Irish culture today.

Heritage Week 2019 Pastimes Past Times

National Heritage Week celebrates all things heritage related. It brings together communities and cultural institutions, academics and enthusiasts, to build awareness about the value of heritage and support its conservation.

Heritage Week 2019

Each year, during the last week of August, many national and hundreds of local community organisations participate by organising events throughout the country. Many of the events that take place during the week are free and the programme highlights the abundance of great work that is carried out in all communities in Ireland to preserve and promote our natural, built and cultural heritage.

In 2019, take a stroll through history and discover how our free time has evolved in often fascinating ways. Our pastimes today have been shaped by hundreds of years of storytelling, craft, sport and music. 

Find out what's on near you

With hundreds of events, many of them free, happening all over the country, there's bound to be something going on near you. Search the list of events by place, date of type of event.

Heritage Week What's On

Let's talk about heritage

Heritage Week is all about getting involved, but sometimes, you just want to sit back and listen. There are talks on a whole range of topics this National Heritage Week: from beekeeping, to historical cures, to fairies. Attend with the whole family or take some time to yourself and become fully immersed in a topic of your choice.

Here are just some of the picks from the hundreds of Heritage Week talks happening across Ireland between 17 – 25 August.

Heritage Week 2019 Top Ten Talks

Pastimes from the Chronicles Timeline

From pony festivals to oyster festivals, from lace-making to match-making, our Chronicles Timeline features many leisure pursuits from all over the island of Ireland. 

Clarinbridge Oyster Festival

Clarinbridge Oyster Festival

Earliest footage of a GAA  All-Ireland final

Earliest Footage of a GAA All Ireland FInal Kerry and Wexford

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

Now add your community's Pastimes from Past times to the XO Chronicles Timeline



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