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AGNES POLK (Polke/Poke/Parke, Higgins, Wills/Allen)

Baptised in Church of Ireland 01/05/1803 – Ballysakerry, Co. Mayo. Address given – Loveliar, Ballysakerry, Co. Mayo.


  1.  12/02/1828, Killala Co. Mayo to John Higgins.  Address Kilmore Moy – Church of Ireland Marriage Record

One son born – Robert George Higgins

  1.  12/06/1833, Kilmore Moy, Co. Mayo to Thomas Wills – Church of Ireland Marriage Record

One son born – Thomas Wills – one female deceased

  1. 09/01/1839, Kilmore Moy, Co. Mayo to George Allen of Achonry – I have a copy of this Marriage record,

(there appears to be a second entry for the marriage that also includes her name as ‘Wills Parke’).

Father:  ROBERT POLK (Polk/Poke) 

b. Ballysakerry **  est. 1775. Occupation in 1840 at age 65 Postmaster, Killala, Co. Mayo.  Residence 1857 at age 82 – Townplots, West, Mayo, Ireland  Griffith Valuations show he held Townplots in West Killala, Co. Mayo – Chapel Lane, Church Street, Steeple Hill and William Street.  He is also listed (Piggot’s Directory 1824) – Mr Robert Poke, Tide Waiter (Customs House).   (=Customs Inspector)

** Could correct spelling be ‘Ballysakeery’?

Mother:   Jane Collis

No details known of Jane

Agnes’s siblings – not known

Actual Church Name/s and locations – also unknown


Born: Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo        Baptised:  12/08/1806

Father:  Thomas (farmer)

Mother:  Anne Duke

On George and Agnes’ immigration papers for the immigrant ship ‘Champion’ (arrived Sydney, 5 October, 1841), Daniel A. Browne, Curate of Achonry and Lord Lieut of Co. Sligo certified to George’s – baptism record, character, health, religion as ‘Protestant’, and that he could both read and write.

Siblings?  Place/s?

Marriage  Records

George Allen of Achonry to Agnes Polk on09/01/1839, Kilmore Moy, Co - I have a copy of this record,

No details known of either his father, Thomas Allen or his mother – Anne nee Duke

George’s siblings – no knowledge  

Actual Church Name/location  - also unknown


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st May 1803 (circa)  
  I have included known bio details above  


  • I have some information re Allen side of the family if you are interested - luvdogs@rogers.com

    Patricia Allen

    Irish Roots

    Wednesday 17th July 2019, 07:40PM
  • Hi beverly

    Just wondering if you ended up finding anything more on Agnes Polk

    My husband is descended from her son Thomas Wills-Allen.

    Dear old Agnes has created quite a stumbling block in our research to go any further back


    Natalie Willsallen

    Natalie Willsallen (nee Huston)

    Sunday 8th December 2019, 09:05AM