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Alexander Sweeney was my great Grandfather.  He was born 1841/1842 Donacavey Parish, Fintona, Tyrone.  His parents were Alexander Sweeney and Mary Mackenna.  Alexander senior's occupation is a wood sawyer and he lives at Main Street, Fintona.  Alexander senior dies 1874 Fintona, informant of death is Thomas Sweeney, perhaps another son.  

Alexander has a sister Mary Sweeney born 1833.  She marries James Mccusker Donacavey Parish 1857.  The couple move to Cadder, Lanarkshire Scotland where they have a large family.  Alexander also has a brother John Sweeney who marries Mary Mccusker, Donacavey Parish 18757.

Alexander enlists into the Army in 1863 into the Royal Artillery, later joining the Army Service Corps.  Alexander is a soldier for some 22 years and during this time he serves in Zulu Campaign and Gibraltar.  In 1868 he marries Mary Bowden at Plymouth Register office whilst being stationed there.  Mary is from Chagford Devon.

The couple then settle in Woolwich, South East London.  They appear from 1881 census onwards there. Woolwich had a large Royal Artiilery Barracks and Alexander would have been attached to this.  Alexander and Mary have 10 children.  All are baptised in the local Roman Catholic church, St Peters, Woolwich.  In fact, this is where my Grandfather marries and my father is baptised.

Eventually, due to his long service as a soldier, Alexander becomes a Yeoman of the Guard.  Hence the photo!.  He dies 1915 in Woolwich and is buried at Greenwich Cemetery.

Alexander Sweeney

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Date of Birth 1841  
Date of Death 1915  


  • Alexander had a sister Mary Sweeney who had a sister Mary who marries Jacobus Macoscar 1857.  They have a son Patrick Macoscar March 1860,  They seem to change Macoscar/McCusker around.


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  • Alexander had a sister Mary Sweeney, she marries Jacobus Macoscar 1857.  They have a son Patrick Macoscar March 1860.  They seem to chagge Macoscar/Mccusker around.


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  • Alexander's wife is Mary Mackenna.


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