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Alice Mary Maud Hamilton was born 1885 to George Randall Hamilton and Alice Mary (Coolahan) George was a spirit grocer in Connaught Street, Birr.

Her mother Alice died in childbirth and Alice was brought up by her Aunt Elizabeth Hamilton and Thomas Bulfin in Corrigeen. George became an alcoholic and we believe was put in a home for inebriates.

Alices grandfather was James Hamilton, who lived at Bunrevan House, Birr. The Hamiltons' were quite wealthy and when Alice met Benjamin Eades, a groom/coachman, working at Birr Castle, they disapproved of the relationship.

Alice and Benjamin ran off and got married at Birr Registrar Office on October 21st 1904.  On the marriage licence she is discribed as being a minor of tender years. She was acually 19. They, then moved to quarters at Birr Castle. They had 9 children, with three of the children born In Crinkle, Alice, Thomas  and Charlotte. Benjamin George, Elizabeth and my grandfather Robert Henry were born in Inch, Waterford.  Maude and Issac were born in Dovea and finally James Randall born in Tandragee, Armagh.

Alice died in 1913 when James Randall was very young.

Alice Mary Maud Hamilton

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1885  
Date of Death 1931  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) George Randall Hamilton Alice Mary Coolahan  


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    Handwriting in old records is, of course, often hard to decipher, but I believe the marriage document actually says “under age,” not “tender age.” This means that Alice was not yet 21.


    Thursday 13th September 2018, 03:58PM