Andrew Fenlon 1845

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Andrew married an Irish woman in 1887 at the Catholic church in Barnsley, Yorkshire.  The marriage cert calls him Andrew Finlin and she was Hannah Breen.  Her name could have been Brehan or anything like that, but Hannah was right.  They were illiterate and Barnsley had a notoriously extreme dialect and accent.  As grandson James Fenlon said: "Two Micks from the bogs.  It's amazing they could communicate at all."  (Dad was not proud of his Irish ancestry.)  Neither of them appeared on the 1861 Census, though it is possible one or other was there under another surname.  He was 40 and she was 30, per the marriage certificate.  His father was James Fenlon (deceased), Farmer.  Her father was Patrick Breen (deceased), Corn Miller.  He was a coal miner, she was a domestic servant.  They were bachelor and spinster.

BTW. Fenlon is a ludicrously difficult name for others to spell.  I (Patrick Fenlon, g-grandson) have over 70 different versions of it.  TheGenealogist has her marrying an Andrew Finley, a mistranscription of a misunderstanding.  Wonderful!  Good Luck!!

Family history has they coming from the same village in Ireland.  In the 1891 Census they both come from Ireland.  In the 1901 Census he comes from Kilkenny, Ireland and she comes from Ireland.  In the 1911 Census they both come from Carlow, Ireland.  When grandson James was asked where the family came from he thought and said Donegal.  Wrong, but he was trying to remember.  My guess is that it was a place with a similar name and have found Clonegal, Carlow which is near to the border with Kilkenny.

Children: Information per FreeBMD.  All born in Wakefield, Yorks.

John Thomas (16 Apr 1889).

Mary Ann (Qtr 4 1890).

David (born Qtr 1 1891 as David Finlon - died Qtr 2 1891 as David Fenlin)

Katherine (Qtr 1 1892) registered as Catherine

Ellen (Qtr 4 1894)

Andrew (born Qtr 1 1896 - died Qtr 4 1898)

Between 1898 and 1901 they moved to Tanshelf, a suburb of Pontefract, Yorks.

Andrew died in Qtr 2 1925 in Pontefract.  Hannah died in Qtr 1 1928 in Halifax, Yorks.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1845 (circa)  
Date of Death 1925 (circa)  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) James Fenlon, Farmer  
Place & Date of Marriage 12/6/1887, Barnsley, Yorkshire.  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Wife=Hannah Breen, d'ter of Patrick Breen (deceased), Corn Miller.  
Number of Children No of Children=7, first John Thomas, 1889.  
Occupation Coal Miner.  
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