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Andrew Wilson is my GGG-Grandfather. He married Isabella Ross. They lived in Cavandarragh. Andrew's parents were from Scotland. Their daughter Jane married my GG-Grandfather John Ross of Glennock (Cloghogle). John Ross, Jane Wilson and her brother Ross Wilson came to the US. in 1849 to Philadelphia on the same ship.  John and Jane married in the US. and eventually settled in Indiana. Ross Wilson settled in Indiana also. John Ross's parents were Robert Ross and Elizabeth Hood of Glennock (Cloghogle).  Jane had two other brothers that emigrated to the US.:Joseph Wilson arrived in New York in 1846 and John Wilson arrived in Philadelphia in 1851. Joseph and John Wilson both went to Solano County California in 1851 where they became very successful ranchers. 

I would like information on any of these people or if there is any family left in Ireland. Thank you.

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