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Ann Simpson emigrated from Aghaloo parish about 1852. Her family were as follows:

Father - John Simpson
Mother - Betty Campbell or Elizabeth Campbell
Children (all born in Ballagh townland and baptized as follows in Church of Ireland, Aghaloo parish, Caledon):
William Simpson, 1826
John Simpson, 1829
Sarah Simpson, 1831
Ann Simpson, 1832
James Simpson, 1834
Mary Simpson, 1836
Margaret Simpson, 1837

Elizabeth Simpson, 1839

John Simpson (the father) was a tenant farmer, paying rent to Earl of Caledon. Ann Simpson went to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1852. She married Robert Emerson there in 1854 and was in Waupaca, Wisconsin, by about 1862. Her husband (1822-1899) was a native of County Fermanagh, was a shoemaker by trade, and served briefly in the Union Army during the American Civil War. They had six children, born in Ontario, Michigan, and Wisconsin. She died in 1923, age 90.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 22nd Dec 1832  
Date of Death 22nd Jan 1923  


  • I'm pretty sure the connection here is tenuous but you never know. My G G grandfather was James Quinn, born 1811 in Finglush townland, a mile or two from Caledon. He married Ann Campbell. I think she was from Finlush as well but maybe not. You don't know if Betty had a sister called Ann?James and Ann were also married in Aghaloo Church of Ireland (it's called St John's I think).  Actually I see Ballagh seems to be near Clogher so this is unlikely.

    David Quinn

    Friday 6th September 2019, 03:50PM
  • I forgot to say they were married in 1843. Nothing on the marriage cert about her parents or where she is from.

    David Quinn

    Friday 6th September 2019, 03:51PM
  • Hello, David, very nice to hear from you.

    There are many places named Ballagh, including one near Clogher. My Ballagh is indeed near Caledon, about 3 miles west of the village. Finglush is right between the two. I visited those places in 2008, and also PRONI in Belfast on the same visit. I had just time to look at the baptisms in the church book, and I recall there were several Campbells in Finglush in the period that I was looking at (1820s and 1830s). You can see all three places on this map of Aghaloo parish: http://www.arborealis.ca/_Media/largie_and_ballymagran3sm.jpeg

    I did not look at the marriages and I don't know anything about my ancestor Betty Campbell, aside from the names of her husband and children. Given the children's ages, I would look for a marriage for Betty around 1825. You said your Ann Campbell was married in 1843. That may not be too far apart in time for them to be sisters. But as I said, Finglush had a number of Campbell families, and Ann and Betty just as easily could have been cousins.

    If I ever come back to Belfast, I intend to take a closer look at the Aghaloo church book, starting with the marriages. As you suggested, there is no guarantee of seeing a parents' name on those marriage records.

    Scott Leonard

    Friday 6th September 2019, 06:28PM

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