Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

Anne J (Jane?) Maher was born to James Maher and Bridget Costigan in January 1862 in Bourney (Skehanagh/Shanakill).  Her parents had several other children - Patrick, Mary, James, John, Michael, William, Denis, and Daniel.  She married William J. Greene in Birr, Offaly where William was a soldier at the barracks in 1884.  She also lived in Aughathlappa, Wexford and South Dublin.  She and William had ten known pregnancies with only four living to adulthood - Sophia (1889/Wexford -1959/Dublin) and Louise (1891Wexford -1961/NYC), Maud (1894/Dublin - 1928/NYC), and Thelma (1902/NYC - 1974/NYC). 

William came to America c. 1893-94 with Anne following in 1894 after Maud's birth.  It appears to have been a difficult life for her with many moves within Manhattan.  Her youngest child William J. Jr.(1905/NYC - 1907/NYC) died at age two due to pnemonia, and William died in 1908 after being hit by a car on Broadway.  She worked as janitor/building superintendent to support Maud and Thelma.   She died in May 1927 due to mitral valve prolapse and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Woodside, Queens, NY with her husband and son.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 10th Jan 1862  
Date of Death 6th May 1927