Anne Josephine Loughlin 1869

Anne Josephine Loughlin 1869

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My great grandmother, Anne or Ann Josephine O'Loughlin was born in Clondalkin, 9th lock, 16 Nov 1869 to John Loughlin and Catherine Loughlin nee Barnwell.

Anne was one of about 10 children. Catherine died in 1880, and Anne took over the running of the house for her father and remaining siblings.  

After the death of her father 1885, and the marriage of her older brother, Anne migrated to Melbourne,  Australia.  Her elder sister Bridget had migrated some years before to Brisbane, Australia. Onboard the ship, Anne met her future husband, Albert Edward Valentine, born in England.  

Anne and Albert had two children, Albert and Winifred. Albert, junior, did visit Clondalkin at the time of WW1, and saw the Loughlin family home, which was still standing at the time.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 16th Nov 1869  
Date of Death 1954  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Catherine Barnwell  

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