Annie Elizabeth Sherlock (later Heeney then White)

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in UK

Not sure if this is Annie. Hoping someone will recognise this couple and confirm or otherwise. I am hoping this is Annie Sherlock and Francis Heeney who she married in 1901 in Dublin. If this is them, they are my great grandparents.

They were both from Ireland and seemed to vary between living in England and Ireland. Francis had been in the army in the Boer war and he also enlisted in 1906 briefly ( in Ireland) and again in 1915, first in a British Regiment and then transferring to an Irish one. He had been invalided out of the South African horse regiment - probably malaria, and was never well afterwards I believe.

He was probably demobbed in Warwickshire and worked for a time as an asylum attendant . My Grandmother and her brother were born in Warwickshire England.

In 1911 they lived in Salford Manchester. I think Francis died in 1922 in Dublin but can't find a date or place of birth .

Annie remarried in 1922 and was still alive and living in Manchester in 1939. I think she died in the early 1950s but can not confirm exactly when or where.

She was a relation of John Terry Sherlock of Skerries who died at the hands of the Black & Tans in 1920. I had thought he was her brother but I now think she must have been his Aunt or cousin. Terry's father was Michael Sherlock and Annie's was James. Were they brothers?

Every document I have has conflicting information!

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