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May CASSIN (born ca. 1818) of Killeany townland married Andy DUGAN on 12 Feb 1839 in Raheen RC parish. They had 4 children baptized in Raheen RC: May DUGAN bap. 18 Aug 1839; Margaret bap. 25 Jan 1841; Anthony bap. 28 Jan 1844; and Thomas bap. 26 Jul 1846. The last 3 are listed in RC register as from Barnydarrig. They had 2 more children born in Oldbury, Worcestershire, England: John b. abt 1850 and Matthew b. ca. 1852.  So, Andy DUGAN and May CASSIN immigrated to England between Jul 1846 and 1850. When they married, Julia CASSIN was one of the sponsors - possibly a sibling of May. From the 1851 England Census, we find Andy DUGAN and May with 5 children (4 born in Ireland), and living with them is Patrick CUSSIN [sic], who is listed as the brother-in-law of Andy DUGAN - making him a sibling of May DUGAN nee CASSIN.  Patrick CASSIN married Elizabeth McDERMOTT on 10 Jan 1857 at Birmingham (St Chad's RC), Warwickshire, England.  The civil record of marriage lists Patrick's father as Anthony CASSIN (deceased). So now we have Anthony as the father of May and Patrick. Oral tradition in the U.S. says that 4 brothers: Patrick (ca 1821), Michael (ca 1825); Denis (ca 1831); Anthony (ca 1834) came from Queens Co. (Laois). They lived in the same U.S. geographic areas, but there is no proof that they are siblings (as opposed to 1st cousins).  Griffith's Valuation (1850) shows Anthony, John, William and Owen CASHIN (vs. CASSIN in parish regs.) in Killeany.  TABs (1829) for Killeany list Anthony, William, Owen and widow CASHIN.

Objectives:(1) Prove who (other than May and Patrick) are the other children of Anthony CASSIN; and (2) Who was the mother? (3) Did Anthony marry more than once, or was there more than one Anthony? (5) I find Raheen baptisms for Antony 3 Aug 1829 of Antony CASSIN & Eliza LALOR) with May CASSIN as sponsor; and Michael 29 Sep 1824/25 of Antony CASSIN (mother not recorded) of Killeany which are close on dates. Any help is appreciated.  - Richard M. Doherty  Michigan, USA dickdoherty@gmail.com                    

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