Austin Nevin (Navin) 1850

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My Great Grandfather is Austin Nevin.  He was baptized in the Erriff, Augagower, County Mayo Chapel on 12 May 1850. 

I am interested in learning more about my ancestors and life in the Erriff River Valley.  All information is welcomed and appreciated.


Additional Information
Date of Birth May 1850  
Place & Date of Baptism Erriff, Aghagower, County Mayo Chapel on 12 May 1850  


  • Hi, I think we are descended from the same Navins of Erriff, after searching this name on Ancestry. I am happy to provide any information. 


    Tuesday 20th August 2019, 09:54PM
  • Hello Aoife

    Thank you for your timely response.  Are you in Ireland or the USA?  I will be in the Erriff area 24-27 Aug.  Do you know of any living Navins in the area?  Any information that you can provide will be appreciated.

    Thank You



    Wednesday 21st August 2019, 06:35AM
  • I don’t live in Ireland and I have just returned - do you have an email you could give me? 

    If we are from the same Navins (which I suspect we may be from yours posts, but I’m not 100%) , there are none in the area.





    Thursday 22nd August 2019, 06:19PM
  • My email is:


    Thursday 22nd August 2019, 09:57PM

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