Bridget Hassett 1871

Bridget Hassett 1871

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A picture of Bridget (on the right) and an unknown friend (on the left). Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any information on either of these ladies.

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Date of Birth Sep 1871  
Date of Death 2nd Sep 1958  


  • My great-grandmother Bridget Hassett was born in Doneraile, Co. Cork, on 1 September 1871, the fifth of eight children of David Hassett (1839-1909) and Ellen O'Brien (1842-1917).  In early 1881, the family moved to Lincoln, England, where David found work in the iron foundries and later the glue works.  It tells us something about the economic conditions in Ireland at the time that those jobs were preferable to farming in Doneraile.
    The family story is that Bridget came to the U.S. as a companion to a person or a family, didn't like it, and ran away from that situation.  There seems no way to verify that information!  Ships' passenger lists show a Bridget Hassett of Lincoln, England, "servant," arriving in New York in October 1885.  How she got from there to San Francisco (with her employer? alone?) remains a mystery.   In July 1890, she gave birth to the first of her three children, David.  By then, she was calling herself Delia (a common pet name for Bridget), and in later years, she was known as Della.  I'm quite sure that none of her children or grandchildren ever knew her original first name.

    In 1893, she married William Francis Grady, a stonecutter who was born in California in 1866.  We know very little about him, as Bridget/Della refused to discuss him; I'm not certain that he was David's father, though he was the father of Bridget's second child, my paternal grandmother Katherine Frances, born in December 1894 in Placer County, California.  Two months later, Bridget married Cornelius Reese, a stagecoach driver, who adopted her two children and was the father of her third child, Eugene V. Reese.  Sadly, Cornelius died of pneumonia in 1899.  The 1910 census shows Bridget working as a housekeeper for two priests in Auburn, Placer Co.
    Bridget married for the third and last time in October 1915, to Arthur Dutton (1865-1939), a walnut grower in Sonoma County, Calif.  They later moved to Napa, Calif., where she continued to live for most of the rest of her life, finally joining her son Eugene and his family in San Luis Obispo, Calif. in her last years.  (Poignantly, Eugene was the only one of her children who outlived her.)  She died in San Luis Obispo on 28 September 1958.


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  • We now think that the younger woman in the photo may be the stepdaughter of Bridget's son David, Julia M. Smith (later McGrath), 1923-2016.

    --Laura O'Keefe


    Tuesday 29th January 2019, 01:32AM
  • I am a descendent of Owen (great great grandson) who was Bridget’s eldest brother. We have been tracing my mothers side of the family and it appears from records that when Bridget was 9 years old, Owen was 19 years old. I have slightly different years of birth for David (1835) and Ellen (1840). Owen married Sally (who was born in Lincoln). They had a daughter, Ellen, who in turn gave birth to my grandfather Charles (also born Lincoln) and my mother Lynne (also born Lincoln). If you need any further details please feel free to get in touch. I had been planning on visiting Doneraile but am also aware of the link to Cloyne. Ben Foster.





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  • Ben, great to hear from you!  Please feel welcome to contact me at


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