Bridget  ROCHE 1844

Bridget ROCHE 1844

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia

Bridget's sponsors at baptism were James LONDEGRAN, Johanna GUIREY.  Unfortunately we don't know her date of birth.  Her parents were Thomas ROCHE & Margaret RIORDAN. 

Bridget and her sister Mary [baptised 25 Apr 1838] left Plymouth, England bound for Queensland, Australia on board the Golconda on 3 Apr 1865 .  Also on board were another 268 people.  Bridget and Mary arrived in Moreton Bay, Queensland on 16 Apr 1865.

On 14 Mar 1868 Bridget married James HOO aka Tuna HOO. Bridget and James had three children Margaret, Bidget and James.  

Due to the situation in Australia at that time James senior and junior ended up back in China and Bridget and the girls remained in Queensland.  

We have been unable to determine what became of Mary.

Their sister Ellen also left Ireland via London on board the City of Agra 14 Apr 1876 destined for Maryborough, Queensland.  Ellen married John VETTER in 1882 in Brisbane and died 9 Feb 1946.

A fair few of Bridget's descendents have had their DNA tested using FamilyTree DNA which seems to be one of the best services to use for DNA testing because of some aspects that enable DNA painting.  Other services don't seem to have the range of elements and thus limit ones ability. to use DNA constructively in searching for ones ancestors.

It would be wonderful if anyone in Ireland related to Bridget and Ellen  were also tested using FamilyTree DNA.  


Additional Information
Date of Birth 5th Apr 1844  
Date of Death 27th Dec 1934  

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