Bridgette  Rose Hanlon

Bridgette Rose Hanlon

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia

Sailed from The Port of PLYMOUTH 17th August 1849 Arrived Adelaide 5th November 1949 Ship: Constance

Embarkation No. 187 Surname Hanlon Christian Name Patrick Occupation Laborer Age 38 estimated d of b 1811 County of Origin Monaghan, Ireland, Accompamying PAtrick on the same embercation ticket were Hanlon, Bridget Servant 14 (1835) Monaghan, Ireland and Hanlon,  Hugh Servant 7 (1842) Monaghan, Ireland Shirley Esq. records suggest they were from Greaghlane. Bridget's age is recorded as being 14 but this does not agree with her age at marriage in the colony of SOUTH AUSTRALIA TO Frederick THOMAS. At the death of both Patrick and Bridget newspaper records note that they were 'colonists of appropriate number of years to confirm these were my ancestors. 

 ***I would be looking for a birth record of Bridget between 1835 and 1841 and also Hugh.***

The only Hugh I have found who was married in Sth Aust. gave Robert as his father. There was another Bridget who arrived alone several years later and she married  Mr. Odon and they moved to Melbourne, Victoria. Other Hanlons on the same journey and whom I have found on the records of Shirley Esq. are

Embarkation No. 179 are Hanlon, James Labourer 20 (1829) Monaghan, Ireland;  Hanlon, Margaret Servant 21 (1828) Monaghan, Ireland and Hanlon, Bernard Labourer 20 (1834) Monaghan, Ireland

Embarcation No. 169 Hanlon Patrick Labourer 20 (1829) Monaghan, Ireland; Hanlon Anne Servant 18 (1831) Monaghan, Ireland and Hanlon Rose Servant 16 1833) Monaghan, Ireland
Subsequent marriage records in Australia note different fathers for these people on the different embarcation tickets..


Additional Information
Date of Death 28th Sep 1924  
Townland born Monaghan, Ireland  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Frederick THOMAS AKA Shaderick THOMAS  

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