Catherine Armstrong 1853

Catherine Armstrong 1853

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in UK

Little is known in our family about the ARMSTRONG family in Clogher. Catherine, born before 3 May 1853 in Parish Clogher,  was apparently the oldest child of 5 or 6 children; sibling names mentioned to one of my now deceased cousins were only Susan, George, "Bess."
Catherine married George GILLESPIE in estimated 1875 in Parish Clogher, and their first child William John "Jack", was born there, with "Marjerie" present at the birth: 23 Aug 1876.  Marjerie might well be Catherine's mother.  Catherine & George had their second child James Robert, born near Omagh in 1878.
In approximately 1879 or 1880, the Gillespie family moved to Barrow-in-Furness across in northern England for the work opportunities - foundries and ship-building.

This photo is from an 1895 photo of the family in my possession.
- Celia Lewis neé Gillespie in Vancouver BC Canada

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1853  
Date of Death 1923  


  • My great, great grandmother was Rebecca Armstrong.  Born 1788 County Tyrone.  Her father was David Armstrong born 1770.  His wife was Rebecca Burnside also born 1770.  Wonder if any connection to Catherine Armstrong?


    Wednesday 2nd June 2021, 10:27PM
  • Hi Rehandra,

    The names Rebecca and David don't show up in any of the 1800s Armstrongs... I'm wondering where  in County Tyrone your Armstrongs were living?  Catherine and her sibs George, Susan, Bess, John, father George, possible mother Marjerie, were born in County Tyrone, Clogher Parish, possibly in the village of Augher, according to the 1911 Census in Barrow in Furness, across the water in northern England.

    Armstrong is definitely a Lowland Scots surname, so it is likely their ancestors came over, planted in the early 1700s.  Oh to have more documents to drool over to find connections. With the little info I have to date, I'd say although there may be a connection back a half dozen or more generations, it wouldn't be a close one. I'll keep looking, who knows, something might come and surprise me!   Cheers. 
    - Celia   in Vancouver BC Canada 


    Wednesday 2nd June 2021, 11:25PM
  • Hi Celia


    The only other information I have is that she was born in Fintona, County Tyrone so would assume her parents were as well    It is hard when you hit a brick wall as so much information is not available any more, sadly.


    cheers Rehandra :)


    Friday 4th June 2021, 12:07AM
  • Hi Rehandra,

    Pulling out a Google map, I see that Fintona is relatively close - only about 10 miles away from Augher in County Tyrone, where Catherine was born... Close indeed. Interesting. Of course, it is possible there's a connection further back  some generations, but it's challenging to find those connections, isn't it!  

    Wish we had a way to find more of our ancestors in Northern Ireland.  I dream that someone will find an old letter or old Bible or old parish register with a small genealogy attached... Maybe, one day!!  
    Cheers,  Celia





    Friday 4th June 2021, 04:51PM
  • Hi Celia

    I think they ARE possibly all related but as you say going further back is the problem. Maybe someone on this site may have some information that would be of help.  I will still keep looking and will get back to you if I find anything further.  I would love to go to Ireland before I fall off the perch but with covid it is getting more remote :)


    cheers Pam


    Friday 4th June 2021, 11:38PM
  • p.s.   have a look at this..maybe you know about it...I am thinking of joining as not a lot of money .....

    seem to be a lot of information to trawl can go country by country


    cheers Pam (Rehandra)


    Friday 4th June 2021, 11:49PM
  • here is another site I have found....I have yet to look through it myself....a lot there......


    cheers Pam


    Saturday 5th June 2021, 12:01AM
  • Hi Pam,  I looked at the Armstrong Clan Assoc, - I think it might be useful but I won't be able to pay for any further genealogy associations/expenses until into July.  I've put it on my list now.  

    The RootsWeb site is a maybe-useful...  Unfortunately, the link to  County Tyrone is broken. Still, the Fermanagh page provides a long list of possible general Irish resources I could be searching - a good list of resources that I mostly know, but others are new to me.  

    I'm in the middle of teaching genealogy for beginners for our local society right now - so in July, I'll get back to digging into resources for my great-grandparents Armstrong and Gillespie.  

    Thanks for your comments - much appreciated!   I'm most unlikely ever to get over to Tyrone - I'm in Vancouver BC, and retired on no pension, so life is interesting... My passion for genealogy keeps me connected and stimulated, particularly during the Covid19 lockdown! 

    Cheers - Celia



    Tuesday 8th June 2021, 05:47PM
  • Hello Celia, Your posts peaked my interest in that my 3x great grandmother was a Catherine Armstrong. She and Edward Heron had at least 4 children that I've learned of over the past several years, they being James, Thomas, Catherine and my 2x great grandfather William.

    Daughter Catherine Herons death record indicates she was born in Trillick, Tyrone. She is the only child of Edward and Catherine that we've been able to find some documentation on place of birth and who knows if the informant provided the correct information.

    The children all ended up in different countries mostly, and early, sometime in their 20's.

    My William born abt. 1823 Ireland was in Canada sometime before 1850 when he married. James migrated in 1841 to Australia then New Zealand. Thomas and sister Catharine were in New York, USA in abt 1849-50. Thomas left in the mid 1870s for New Zealand and met up with brother James. Catherine lived out her life in New York.

    James' ship immigration document indicates he "originated" from Urney, Cavan. Thomas was married in Letterkenny, Donegal (have documentation).

    None of the other children have documents found indicating any place in Ireland other than just Ireland.

    My 2x Great Grandfather named one of his daughters Cecelia. Your name stuck out since it isn't common in my family other than Williams one daughter.

    I've been at my family research for 30 years, and in the past 3 turned to DNA which still hasn't produced any kind of concrete results.

    Best wishes,


    Wednesday 21st July 2021, 02:49AM

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