Catherine (Carberry) (Carberry) Flynn 1850

Catherine (Carberry) (Carberry) Flynn 1850

Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland

Catherine Carberry married 3rd cousin John Carberry in Gurteen Kilfree Sligo 1871, St Patrick's RC church.  They had 2 daughters, Mary in 1872, Catherine in 1874, same year John died.  Daughters baptized same church.  
Catherine then married Michael Flynn in Gurteen Kilfree Sligo in 1879, St Patrick's RC church.  They also had 2 daughters, Beesy (Bridget Agnes) in 1880 (she went by Agnes and was my great grandmother),  and Anne Frances in 1884. Daughters baptized same church. 
Catherine Carberry (1850-1888), dau of Patrick  Carberry (1810-1864) and unknown mother or siblings, died of hemmorage from birth of male child sept1888. Child died within a day and she soon after.
John Carberry (birthplace & parents unknown 1845-1874 died cloonsillagh kilfree sligo, cause unknown).  Michael Flynn, born @1851 in Cuilmore kilfree Sligo. death date & place unknown.  Michael was son of James Flynn (1820-1877) and mother/siblings unknown.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1850 (circa)  
Date of Death Sep 1888 (circa)  


  • My Great-Grandmother was also a Carberry from Gurteen in Sligo. Her name was Bridget Carberry and she was married to William Gerety. My Grandmother Annie lived in Gurteen until her death and we used to visit her often. The old house is still there.

    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Thursday 20th May 2021, 02:35PM

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