Catherine Higgins 1883


My paternal grandfather's mother, Catherine (Kate?) Higgins.

Emigrated to NYC (USA) she says abt 1900. She claimed to have been born in 1883 in Sligo, Ireland.

Around World War I she was told that she'd "inherited" the family farm. She lived in New York City until she became a widow and her eldest son moved her to Sullivan County when he and his family moved there.

What brothers she had had died and both parents, as well. She had 1 son out of wedlock (my grandfather) prior to getting married and having 2 more sons. We've been able through DNA to locate the birth father (or narrow the field to one of 3 brothers), but to date have not been successful in locating her parish, town, or family on her side. (She gave my grandfather her maiden name).

No records of a Catherine Higgins on the 1900 passenger lists to NYC.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 17th Feb 1883  
Date of Death 9th Dec 1960 VIEW SOURCE

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