Catherine "Kitty" McHugo1826

Catherine "Kitty" McHugo 1826

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According to convict records, Kitty was convicted in Portumna Court with her two brothers (Thomas and John), and another lady (Ann or Anne Kinavon) of stealing two sheep from a Mr Nugent on 27th Dec 1848 and sentenced to transportation to Hobart, Australia. It is likely the Mr Nugent was from the Pallas Estate near Portumna.

We also know from convict records that the McHugo siblings' mother's name was "Mary" and that they had another sister, named Biddy. I have found 5 baptism records on Catholic Parish Records of National Library of Ireland, for 5 McHugos (or maybe McHuge) with consistent parents for a Francis (4th Aug 1818), Bridget (10th Jun 1821), Thomas (26th Jan 1824) Catherine (26 Jan 1826) and Jospeh (27th Oct 1829) McHugo. Parents are shown as Thomas McHugo and Mary Brehenny.

Names of sponsors to the baptisms seem to vary between Brehenny, Kennedy and Kinavon. Note Kinavon is name of the other lady convicted for the crime with the three McHugo siblings.

More can be read about Catherine in this Message Board thread.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 21st Jun 1826 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 17th Aug 1904
Associated Building (s) Portumna Courthouse  
Place of Death 67 Montpelier Rd, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Thomas McHugo
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary Brehenny
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  • Kitty McHugo departed Dublin 26 June 1849 in "Australasia". She received permission to marry on 9 Sept 1851 to Charles McKenna, a free settler who had arrived in "Equestrian".

    BIRTH  31 Aug 1878

    McKENNA.—On August 9, at Kangaroo Valley, the wife of Charles McKenna, of a daughter.

    MARRIAGE  1878

    McKENNA - MACKRELL - On March 4, at St. Joseph's Church, by the Rev P. R. Hennebry, Charles, eldest son of the late Charles McKenna, of Kangaroo Valley, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Edward Mackrell, of Kangaroo Valley.



    McKENNA. -On August 17, 1904, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. A. Tulloch, 67 Montpelier-road, Catherine, relict of the late Charles McKenna (Kangaroo Valley), aged 70 years. R.I.P.

    Funeral will move from St. Joseph's Church at 2.30 Tomorrow (Friday) Afternoon.


    MCKENNA.—On the 23rd August,(1875) suddenly, at his late residence, Kangaroo Valley, Charles McKenna,aged 57 years.


    McKENNA.—On the 24th August, at his residence, Kangaroo Valley, suddenly, of heart disease, Mr. Charles McKenna, in his 57th year. The funeral will move from his late residence, on Friday, 27th August, at half-past 1 o'clock, when friends are respectfully invited to attend. R.I.P.


    CORONER'S INQUEST. (26 Aug 1875) -An inquest was held by Mr. H. Bilton, J.P., at New Town yesterday, upon the body of Charles McKenna, aged 57, who was found dead in his bed on the morning of the 24th instant. Margaret McKenna, daughter of the deceased, deposed to finding her father dead when sho took him his breakfast on the morning of the 24th. Dr. Butler said he had made a post mortem examination of the body, from which he was of opinion that deceased had died from disease of the heart. A verdict in accordance with the medical testimony was returned.


    McKenna. —On Feb. 14, (1878) at Hobart Town, Margaret Theresa, third daughter of the late Mr Charles McKenna, of Kangaroo Valley, aged 18 years and 9 months.


    In: The Mercury Supplement 


    Friday, July 6.  (1888)


    Before the Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Dodds, and Mr. Justice Adams,

    McKenna v. McKenna.

    The Solicitor-General (instructed by Messrs, Roberts and Allport) for the plaintiff; Mr. A. M. Ritchie (instructed by Messrs, Crisp and Crisp) for the defendant. This was an appeal against a decision of Mr. Justice Adams, given in Chambers, refusing to grant an injunction restraining the present defendant from proceeding with an action of ejectment against the plaintiff, Catherine McKenna. The facts of the case were as follow : Charles McKenna, the elder, owned 21 acres at Long Bay, and died intestate. His widow, Catherine McKenna, obtained administration of his estate as administratrix, and was registered as proprietor of the land under the Real Property Act. As widow she was entitled to a third of her husband's estate, and her children (eight in number), to the remaining two-thirds. In pursuance of an arrangement entered into with her eldest son (Charles McKenna) that he should support her for her life, she conveyed the property to him, and he obtained a certificate of title in his own name. Charles McKenna.jun., made a will, leaving all his real estate to his wife, the defendant, Mary McKenna. He afterwards died, and his

    widow, in her turn, became registered as proprietor of the land. She thrice called upon Mrs. Kenna, sen., who had always remained in possession of the land, to give up possession, and commenced an action of ejectment against her. Mrs. Catherine McKenna, widow of Charles McKenna, sen., and her children, then filed a bill in Equity to restrain the action of ejectment, and alleged that the transfer to Charles McKenna, jun., had been obtained through fraud. An application was made to Mr. Justice Adams in Chambers for an injunction to restrain the action, but he

    refused to grant it. At the last sittings of the Court the present defendant, Mary McKenna, obtained judgment against Catherine McKenna, who now with the other plaintiffs appealed against Mr. Justice Adams' decision, and applied for an Injunction to stop any further action on the part of Mary McKenna from ejecting Catharine McKenna from possession. In Chambers, Mr. Justice Adams held that Mrs. McKenna, sen., did not come Into Court with clean hands, inasmuch as she had transferred the land to her son Charles McKenna, The Solicitor-General opened the argument at length. Mr. Ritchie having replied, a suggestion was made, by which a conditional arrangement was come to, that Mrs. McKenna, sen., should be allowed to remain in possession of the land for her life, and that after her death the property might be divided equally amongst all the parties. It was arranged that the case should stand over until it was mentioned again.


    Saturday 8th February 2020 12:20AM
  • Thanks Mairi,

    Are you descended from the Charles McKenna/Mary Mackrell union? I descend from Charles' brother Christopher Peter McKenna (1863 - 1950)

    By the way, Charles (senior) was not a free settler. He was also a convict transported aboard the Equestrian for stealing a pair of spectacles in Coventry in 1845. He was also Irish, born in Co Down, but moved to Scotland at some stage and enlisted in the 64th Regiment of Foot in 1839 in Glasgow. He was still in the Army in 1845 when convicted in Coventry. I have not been able to find anything on his Irish history, although I believe his father was a Peter McKenna, a baker.


    Peter McKenna


    Saturday 8th February 2020 05:31AM
  • Hello Peter,

    No relation at all to your family, just an interested bystander. I think I must have read the marriage permission as free settler rather than free by servitude. Sorry about that and thanks for the correction.

    I have been disappointed that this site is not used more to exchange information - it seemed so promising when I joined - so I decided to poke my nose into your family and make a contribution.

    What I would really like is someone who can tell me something, anything, about my Gorman family from Goresbridge in Grangesilvia, and Cahill from Low Grange, both in Kilkenny. I suspect they are too far into the mist and fog of missing Irish records to be possible, but I did hope that someone somewhere in the world might provide another clue or two. So far no luck. I live in hope but am not holding my breath. Perhaps DNA will do the trick.

    Best wishes,  Mairi


    Saturday 8th February 2020 07:28AM

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