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Charles Fitzclarence1865

Charles Fitzclarence 1865

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Charles Fitzclarence was born on the 8th of May 1865 in the civil parish of Oughterard, County Kildare. A member of the aristocracy, he was the grandson of the 1st Earl of Munster. 

At the age of 21 he enlisted in the British military forces, but a number of battles with illness meant that he was forced to spend the early years of his military career in mostly administrative roles. This changed in 1899 when he went to Mafeking, South Africa with the special forces. In this role he trained squadrons. 

During the Second Boer War, Fitzclarence was involved in active service. On the 14th of October 1899, Fitzclarence led his squadron on a mission to relieve an armoured train. Though they were surrounded and outnumbered, Fitzclarence managed to keep the men cool and collected, and led them to succeed in their mission and also to defeat a large number of enemy soldiers. 

Fitzclarence proved his worth once more on the 27th of that same month when he led a squadron across open ground to attack the enemy trenches in a night time assault. They took on the enemy forces in hand to hand combat. Fitzclarence was at the very front of the action as he led his men to victory. 

For these acts of bravery and gallentry, he was awarded the prestigious Victoria Cross. 

Fitzclarence also fought in World War I where he distinguished himself in the First Battle of Ypres. His prowess in battle earned him the nickname 'The Demon'.

He was killed in action in a night attack on the 2nd of November 1914 and it was remarked that he would be a great loss to the British forces. 

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Date of Birth 8th May 1865 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 2nd Nov 1914 VIEW SOURCE

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