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Charles Manners St George Esq, DL, JP (1786-1864) was the last St George to live on the family estate at Carrick on Shannon. He was the only child of Col. Richard St. George (d.1788) of Carrickdrumaruske who married Melesina Chenevix (1768-1827) in 1786.

He is descended from Sir Richard St. George of Cambridgeshire who, in 1666 was granted extensive lands in the counties of Galway (see Headford Castle), Roscommon, Limerick and Queen's county (county Laois) by the Cromwell Administration.  

On 11 December 1789, a decree of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer,  ordered the sale of the property of defendant Charles Manners St. George, a minor (age 3 yrs) in Co. Roscommon and Co. Leitrim, to include the Manor of Carrickdrumarusk. Instead, his father's estate passed to his 1st cousin, Richard St George Mansergh of Headford (1757-98) who died during the United Irish Rebellion.

From 1797, Charles St George spent ten years living in Germany and in France with his mother, an Irish writer (best known for her journals and correspondence) who remarried in 1803.


Educated at Trinity College Cambridge, St. George served in India for four years acting as Attache Charge D'Affaire, to his uncle Lord Howden. Over the course of 20 years he served as secretary of legation, at British embassies at Brussels, Vienna, Frankfort, Stockholm, and in 1826, he was appointed Secretary to his Majesty’s Legation at the Court of Turin. 



In 1829, the area known as St. George's Terrace in Carrick today, was sold by Charles Manners St. George, to Captain Charles Cox, his agent. There, between the old courthouse and the town clock, Cox erected four houses with arch doorways and a large mansion designed by B King. Upon its completion in 1830, St. George bought it back from Captain Cox and named it Hatley Manor after the St. George ancestral home in Cambridgeshire.  

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Manners St. George, Mliss Isabella St. George, and suite have arrived at their residence in Merrion-square for the winter, from Hayes's Hotel, Kingstown, where they have been sojourning during the summer months. [Freeman's Journal - Wednesday 24 October 1838 ]​



In 1839, Charles Manners St. George, Esq., was appointed High Sherrif and chaired the General Irish Railways Committee. He often rubbed shoulders with Henry Grattan MP.  At this time, his residence was at 3 Merrion Square, Dublin. 



Charles was a kindly landlord. He opened a library for the inhabitants of Carrick 1837 (which was not much used). He entertained the neighborhood lavishly in the style of the time, repaired the town's public clock, provided blankets for the poor in winter and distributed Christmas cheer.

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 9 November 1844 ]

I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that the TOLLS as heretofore paid at the several Fairs of Carrick-on-Shannon, in the County of Leitrim, will in future be resumed and demanded, and the proceeds of said Tolls will be applied to the payment of the several Premiums, specified in Printed Notices, for the encouragement of Buyers and Sellers attending said Fairs. And I hereby nominate and appoint Mr, Robert N. Bourns, of Summerhill, Collector of said Tolls, to whom all matters of dispute are to be made known, in respect to purchases and sales in said Fairs ; and, if necessary, to my Agent, Captain Charles Cox, J.P., for final decision.                                                                                                                                                Given under my Hand and Seal this 1st day of November 1844.     CHARLES MANNERS ST. GEORGE, Patentee, and Proprietor of the Tails of said Fairs.  


REDUCTION OF RENTS. Charles Manners St. George, Esq., has given a reduction of 20 percent on the half-year's rent due the 25th of March last to all his county of Waterford tenants, except middlemen, to whom he will make no abatement. [Freeman's Journal - 9 October 1849 ].

Charles Manners St. George, Esq., residing on his estate in the county Leitrim, at Carrick-on-Shannon, has been for some time past anxiously engaged with his agent, Captain Cox, in the examination of the circumstances and condition of his tenantry on his several estates in the counties of Leitrim, Roscommon, Waterford, Tipperary, and King’s County, and has generously instructed his agent to intimate to his tenantry, that in consideration the present immense amount of poor rates to which all are subject, they are to receive an allowance of four shillings in the pound on the payment of their gale of rent to May 1849, in addition to which has further instructed his agent to forgive his tenantry a considerable portion of arrears. [Dublin Evening Post - 13 October 1849 ]. 

In 1853, St. George established a school offering "a sound English mercantile Education", including book-keeping.   He gave his Georgian townhouse on Summerhill to the Governers of Leitrim Infirmary (now the district hospital).  ​

Charles Manners St. George, J.P. and D.L. for the County Leitrim, and his Lady have arrived from the Continent their town residence, 8 Fitzwilliam-place, to pass the summer in Ireland. [Saunders's News-Letter - 28 May 1853 ].

Mr St George's Dinner to his Tenantry – Monday being named for the re-opening of the branch of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, in Carrick-on-Shannon, Charles Manners St. George, Esq., the proprietor of the town, to inaugurate the event fixed on that day to entertain his tenantry, when he gave a sumptuous dinner, at Church’s Hotel, to a large number. Previous to dinner, Colonel Cox explained the sincere regret felt by Mr. St George, at his unavoidable absence. The dinner and wines furnished on the occasion were excellent St George's health not permitting him to be present, the chair was occupied by his agent Lieutenant Colonel Cox. On his right and left noticed George L'Estrange, Esq; George L'Estrange, Esq; the Very Rev Dr Dawson, PP; Price W Cox, Esq; Joseph Lewis, Esq RN; Monsieur Victor L del'Herault, Anderson Cooper, Esq (the Inspector of the Provincial Bank of Ireland), and Michael Mitchell, Esq, the Manager of its Carrick on-Shannon branch, W Payton, Esq. JP, occupying the vice chair. The Queen's health being proposed by the chairman was drunk with all the honors. Several other toasts, as well as individual healths, were proposed and drank. Mr. St. George's health being proposed by Lieutenant Colonel Cox, the chairman, Monsieur Victor del'Herault replied in very handsome terms. The hilarity of the evening was kept up till a late hour, everyone present appeared highly gratified, and before separating, displayed, in chorus, their loyalty, by singing the National Anthem, 'God save the Queen'. [Boyle Gazette 10 November 1858].


In 1860, county of Leitrim, he appointed William Lawder, Esq., of Riversdale, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim, as agent to his estates in Leitrim, Roscommon, Waterford, Tipperary, and King’s County (Offaly).

"SEASONABLE BENEVOLENCE  We understand Charles Manners St. George Esq., with his accustomed liberality, and in accordance with his annual practice, instructed his agent to have the poor of Carrick-on-Shannon provided with ample supply of Christmas cheer, which was accordingly distributed to them." [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 2 January 1864].

OUTRAGES IN LEITRIM. AT CARRICK ON SHANNON APRIL 13. — A threatening notice of a most violent character, signed "Molly Maguire” having been sent to Mr. Victor Levy L'Herault, at Carrick-on Shannon, the numerous tenantry on the estates of Charles Manners St. George, Esq., in the counties of Leitrim and Roscommon, assembled at Hatley Manor the 11th inst, at the residence of that gentleman, to repudiate the act, which they unanimously declared to be perpetrated by some malicious person, for whose detection they subscribed the large sum of £500. Mr. Victor Levy L'Herault addressed them at great length, and challenged the tenantry, individually and collectively, to bring any charge against him; he branded the sender of the document unmanly and cowardly and assured "Molly Maguire” that would not be bridled into his terms. He concluded by thanking the meeting warmly for their prompt and generous manifestation of good feeling toward him and Mr. St. George, their amiable landlord. [Freeman's Journal - 15 April 1862 ]


DIED On the 22nd November, at Florence, Charles Manners St. George. Esq.. Hatley Manor, Carrick-on-Shannon, and Fitzwillliam-place, Dublin, aged 78. [Saunders's News-Letter 30 November 1864 ].



A Gothic Mural Monument, the early English style, has just been erected in the Church of Carrick-on-Shannon, in memory of the late Charles Manners St. George, Esq, DL, and JP, Hatley Manor, County Leitrim. The front consists of seven Gothic panels, the centre one occupied the following inscription, viz —

ln the mausoleum erected in the adjoining grounds of Hatley Manor, are deposited the remains of Charles Manners St George Esq, DL, JP, of the Co. Leitrim, who died in Florence on 22 November 1864 in the 78th year of his age.

"He departed this life in the certain hope of a glorious resurrection to eternal life through the merits of his Saviour Jesus Christ. His last words were, "It is finished".

On each is angle-paneled buttress, surmounted pinnacles, with carved crockets terminating with richly carved finals (underneath the panels) containing the inscription is a quarter foil pannelled base, seven panels, each having a shield and paters, alternately resting on a molded base. Underneath are three plinths, the upper one having three gothic panels, and on those underneath it the following inscription, viz:-

Mr. St. George was educated at Trinity College Cambridge and served in India for four years acting as ADC, to his uncle Lord Howden, as Attache Charge D'Affaire, and secretary of legation. He was attached to the British embassies at Brussels, Vienna, Frankfort, Stockholm, and Turin, for twenty years.

He was the son of Colonel Richard St George, a descendant of the ancient family of St George of Hatley Manor, Cambridgeshire. He was married to Ingrid Christina Hallberg, who erects this monument and the mausoleum in the adjoining grounds of Hatley Manor as a small token of her love and affectionate remembrance of one to whom she had the happiness of being united for many years. His affectionate, kind and amiable disposition endeared him to all— cherished in the grateful hearts of all who knew him; and to his afflicted widow his loss is irreparable.

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yes, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labour, and their works follow them.” —Revelations XIV. 18 

The whole being supported on two richly carved brackets between which is carved, spandrels, a moulded cornice, with carved pateras, and elaborately carvedtracery over same. Above are two life sized medallions (In alto relievo) of the late Mr. St George and Mrs. St George (Mrs. St George still living) very excellent likenesses; palm branches surrounding the medallions. Over same are the family arms and crest, with garter underneath, and the motto "Fovitas on Coelo.' The whole is executed in the finest marble, on a black marble ground. The extreme dimentions being 10 feet 7 inches by 6 feet 4 and a half inches. This piece of work has been executed in a most creditable manner to the artist, Mr. Alex Ballantine, 139 upper Dorset street, Dublin.

Charles and his wife, Ingrid Christina Halberg of Sweeden, are interred in an elaborate Victorian-Classical mausoleum  (erected by his wife) on the grounds of Hatley Manor.


The St. Georges had no children. In 1873, Petronella Halberg, niece of Christina (nee Halberg) St George, married Charles Whyte of Newtown Manor and the Whytes inherited Hatley Manor and much of the St George property (over 1600 acres in 1876).

[Research by Rua Mac Diarmada 2018]


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Additional Information
Date of Birth 1786  
Date of Death 22nd Nov 1864  
Associated Building (s) Holywell House CARRICK ON SHANNON, Meera House  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Melesina Chenevix aka Melesina Trench (1768-1827) Irish author and correspondent VIEW SOURCE
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Colonel Richard St George of Carrick-on-Shannon  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Christina Hallberg of Sweeden (1805-1873)  
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