Charles Meridyth 1782

Charles Meridyth 1782

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Charles Meridyth was born on 3 December 1782 and died in 1850 (from daughter's written record). The written record refers to his mother dying when he was aged 7 and his father dying when he was about 16. The portrait is from a painting dated 1795. Charles was a solicitor and agent to the Commission of Bankrupt, 7 Hamilton's Row, Dublin and practised and lived(?) from 82 or 86 Marlborough Street, Dublin. 

The King's Inns Dublin Admissions record a Charles Meredyth as the only son of Charles, Glasnevin, Co Dublin (cabinet maker) and Rebecca Molineux, deceased, over 16 ed St Wolstan's, Co. Kildare (a boarding school?) H 1799. Bond H 1804 (attorney Exchequer H 1804r). It refers to Affidavit, Jane, wife of Alexander Laughlin (guardian?). This would appear to refer to Charles..

There is a record of a marriage of a Charles Merradyth and Rebecca Mulligan on 17 January 1771 at Santry, Dublin who could be his parents.

I can find no record of Charles's marriage although a written family record refers to him marrying a Mme de Hayes. Charles's wife died after Charles but I have no details.

He appears to have had about 10 children. These include

  • Rebecca who married William Riddesdale Box (4/11/1829) at St Mary's Dublin. They lived at 'Bloomfield' and she was buried at Killester House, Clontarf.

  • Francis Marqutto who became Dean of Limerick Cathedral.

  • Revd John Meridyth (born 1807) who married Jemima Ellen Cannon (my great,great grandparents), a daughter of Thomas Cannon and Estelle Sarah Tandy (who is a granddaughter of General James Napper Tandy).

The Meridyth surname comprises one of  the forenames of myself my father and grandfather so I have a particular interest in pursuing that family line.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 3rd Dec 1782  
Date of Death 1850  

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