Charlotte Knaggs 1849

Charlotte Knaggs 1849

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Things I Remember About My Father and Mother
By Charlotte L. Roberts

Mother (Charlotte Knaggs Roberts)
We walked to church and mother always went except when she had a small baby or someone was ill.
Mother loved music but had never had an opportunity to learn to play. She sometimes played on a Jews Harp. Will Atkins, a brother-in-law, directed the church choir at First Methodist Church. She sang in the choir whenever possible. Sunday evenings she could go because my father would stay home with Olive and me. He would hold me on his lap and sing many hymns – usually gospel hymns.

Mother was a very good cook and we always had plenty of good food. She made pickles of the little cucumbers; mustard pickle, red cabbage pickle which was kept in a big crock down cellar; string bean pickles and many kinds of jelly. She also made her own bread and pies and cakes. We had many family picnics, usually at the Trout Ponds.
Mother was always patient with her children.

She was born in Thurles, Ireland. Her father and mother were staunch Protestants. There were: Jane*, Annie, Sarah, and Charlotte and several sons: Tom, Jim, George, and I think one other. (*There was an Anne Jane, two Hannahs [one died as a baby], Elizabeth, Robert, and Benjamin.) They came to America in 1864 and stayed in New York City for a few years. At Duane St. Methodist Church they met many young people. My mother married John Oliver Roberts. They lived in Ohio for a time where my father bought butter and eggs and shipped them to New York. Later he came to Smithboro and finally to Newark Valley (New York) where they spent the rest of their lives.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 29th Nov 1849  
Date of Death 10th Oct 1907  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) John Oliver Roberts from Middleton in County Cork VIEW SOURCE


  • Was her mother Langford? If so both Knaggs & Langford were from Mountmellick


    Saturday 19th January 2019, 08:04PM
  • James Knaggs and Elizabeth Langford. James Knaggs first wife was Mary Langford who passed shortly after they were married. It is assumed that Mary and Elizabeth are sisters, but I believe they may have in fact been cousins.


    Sunday 20th January 2019, 12:39AM
  • Thanks for getting back to me so quick. The Knaggs are cousins of the Langford.s & Westman's .& are all cousins of mine.I was born in Mountmellick & now live in co Limerick.I some times have to show Oz U S or Canadian cousins the old homestead in Mountmellick or Rosenallis area.



    Sunday 20th January 2019, 11:03AM
  • I noticed there are alot of Langfords that ended up in Canada. I've added many to my tree. Not sure of who my Elizabeth Langford Knaggs parents are. The trees I'm finding have her with Mary's parents and as her sister. Looking at those trees, there is an Elizabeth Langford who was born in 1811. Mine was listed as 1820, but would be past alleged father's death date and beyond alleged mother's years to conceive. I have another set of possible parents for my Elizabeth Langford, James Langford (1794-1865) and Elizabeth Cregan, who I have no birth and death dates. They are listed as Isaac Langford (1767-1811) and Elizabeth Westman (1767-1843). James Knaggs parents are listed as Robert Knaggs (1780-1876) and Anna Westman (1786-1855). By any chance, do you have an Ancestry tree?


    Sunday 20th January 2019, 04:50PM
  • Give a week or2 & I will get back to you . I have Betty Scheiding book Langford Westman & related familes  & I will look at .Find & some are free & you pay for more.Isaac Langford 1767 to1811 & Besty Westman are my direct line.


    Sunday 20th January 2019, 06:25PM
  • To whom it concerns.

    Re:Charlotte Knaggs Roberts, from Thurles.


    If the party wish to communicate with me I believe I know a little about the Knaggs Family from Thurles.


    Wednesday 30th January 2019, 10:14AM
  • RobertsKnaggsLangfordWestman1865

    My GGGgrandfather is Isaas langford 1767 to 1811 & his wife Elizabeth Westman 1767 to 1843  The year he died she had twins Isaac  (my line)&  Mary who Married James Knaggs Mary & Elizabeth were not sisters.Elizabeth parents as far as I can find out were James & Elizabeth Cragin. I can not find anything more about them yet.I am not joined any paid site .Only buy Credits from or & copy & paste. Elizabeth Westman seen 5 of her 8 children leave for Canada & Mary died .That only left 2 in Ireland My Isaac & Hannah who married Corneilus Westman & when Hannagh & Corneilus died & all the young Westman left for Canada too.

    Was James Knaggs a Dr.? I  Have 2 children for James Anne Jane b, 1 Dec.1839 & James William B. 1852 & died 1926 in New york. Was there 2 Roberts married to 2 Knaggs ? I have a Maria bp.2nd April 1830 in Rosenalis. married to Nathaniel Roberts on the 12th. of Feb.1866.I have not ancestry sit on the computer .

    I have a bit that was on in February 2001 by Rosanna Whittlesey on the Knaggs & Langfords . It will not copy & paste for me.I see on this site there there is a Willo 1 who might have informatiom for you. Can I email you direct?












































































































    Sunday 3rd February 2019, 11:30AM
  • Thanks for the information which is very interesting.

    I am descended from Dr Robert Nicholson Knaggs, who was born in Thurles in 1799, and came to Melbourne, Australia with his family in the mid 1800s. My father did a lot of research on the family.

    There were many Knaggs who lived in Laois and Tipperary counties in the 17th and 18th centuries. The properties of Turtulla and Archerstown at Thurles are mentioned in many 18th and 19th century family documents. 

    Robert Knaggs, surveyor of excise in New Ross, born 1757, was a distant cousin of my 2 x great grandfather Robert Nicholson Knaggs. One of Robert Knaggs’ sons Dr Robert Corbett Knaggs also came to Australia, but went to Sydney in the 1850s.

    There were a number of doctors and apothecaries in the family but we have not heard of Robert Charles and would be interested to know where he fits in.

    Extensive research has also been done on the Roberts family and there were a number of marriages between the Knaggs and the Roberts families. 

    I would be very interested in getting in contact to compare notes.  

    I travelled to Laois in Ireland two years ago, and all of this SO makes me want to go back there again!

    best wishes Caroline Knaggs


    Saturday 7th November 2020, 02:27AM
  • Hi from Willo1,

    My Email address is - Looking forward to making direct email contact with you ASAP.


    Saturday 7th November 2020, 01:31PM
  • First time I've been back here since 2019. Just noticed the 2 messages above this one. Would love to talk with anyone who might have further information on Roberts, Knaggs, Langford and Westman Families. My email is


    Sunday 14th February 2021, 07:01PM

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