Cornelius Patrick McInerney 1856

Cornelius Patrick McInerney 1856

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia
Additional Information
Date of Birth 17th Feb 1856  
Date of Death 5th Apr 1921  


  • hi There:


    I see a Cornelius McInherny baptised on 29 February 1856 to parents named:  John McInerney and Hannah Molloy.  He was from Tireda(gh).  I also note that the sponsors were William Mac and Bridget Boyce.  My greatx2 grandfather was William McNamara from Tyredagh and it would be interesting to see if there is a connection.  If you're interested in finding more information, please let me know.  I'm a Tulla volunteer.  All the best,  Jane

    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 5th November 2020, 12:59PM
  • Hello Jane, Apologies for taking so long to reply to your message. I have some information on the McInerney family and would certainly be interested in learning more. John McInerney farmed at Tyredagh Upper and married Hannah Molloy on 18th July 1854 at Tulla.Witnesses Thomas Brennan and Bridget Boyce. Hannah Molloy was a widow previously married to  Patrick Boyce, they had a son Thomas Boyce born 1847. Bridget Boyce could be a relative of Patrick Boyce. My ggrandfather must have died before 1875 as the farm was passed on to the O'Brien family. Sadly, this record for the Tulla Workhouse is most likely my ggrandmothers, death on 16th December 1888, Anna McInerney. How sad and difficult life must have been in Ireland at this time.

    Thank you for the baptism record of my grandfather Cornelius McInerney. In 1876 he  married Bridget Morey also from Tulla.  Bridget was baptized on 1st January. 1858, her parents being Michael Morey and Catherine Powell, perhaps they were also from Tyredagh Upper

    Cornelius 21 years of age and Bridget 19 years, left Ireland during the first months of 1877 and made their way to Plymouth where on the 23 March, 1877 they departed on the ship "Airlie" for Adelaide, South Australia arriving on 12th June, 1877. The "Airlie" was a South Australian Government sponsored ship with 463 passengers mostly Agricultural labourers of which 197 were Irish. Also on board was Patrick McInerney aged 26, single male and Mary McInerney aged 19, single female who could possibly be extended family members.

    Jane, can you help me with what mode of transport would have been used to travel to Plymouth? 

    After arriving in South Australia, Cornelius and Bridget disappear for 20 years, until 1896 when Cornelius turns up in Nowra, New South Wales, meets my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Lee, they move to Victoria and have 13 children, one being my mother, Kathleen. I am yet to find a death record for Bridget.

    How is Tyredagh pronounced, please.? Is it Ty-re-da?

    Yes, it would be interesting to find a connection to your McNamara family and i'm also interested in learning more about the history of Tulla and the surrounding countryside.

    Lovely to hear from you.

    Kind Regards



    Jenny Lawson

    Sunday 15th November 2020, 01:22PM
  • Hi Jenny:


    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

    You are pronouncing Tyredagh correctly!  As to the mode of transport, it is likely that they took the train from Ennis or Limerick to Cork or Dublin, where they boarded a boat for Plymouth.  From there, they would have gone to Australia.  Kerry Farmer has written a very helpful book "Arrivals in Australia from 1788" about the migration paths that emigrants took to get to Australia.

    Bridget Morey was also another family associated with Tyredagh and descendants are still in the area.  

    In addition, there is another researcher who has a connection to you.  Bridget Morey's siblilngs (some of them) emigrated to Fall River, MA.  There are several family trees associated with them.  I'm going to let the other member know of your interest.


    We have published several publications about Tulla in recent years.  They can be viewed on the website under the Local Guide - Media-Books.  They are entitled "Reflections from Home and Abroad".    One of them, 2017 talks about two Tulla ancestors who went on a bounty scheme to Australia.  

    I have some connection myself with the Boyce family but I'm not sure where.  I believe that it is likely in the late 1700s and no records exist for that time period.  However, some of the Boyce family members were witnesses to baptisms which would indicate a family connection.  

    The O'Brien land in Tyredagh that you refer to is my mother-in-law's family's land.  I have the Cancelled books for Tyredagh Upper, but what I see is that at Entry No. 40B John and Hannah McInerney's land is transferred to Patrick O'Neill.  You might let me know where you got the reference to O'Brien?

    I hope that the above is of some assistance.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 22nd December 2020, 12:19PM

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