Daniel Connor 1824

Daniel Connor 1824

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My great-great grandfather was Daniel Connor, who with his wife Mary and daughters Bridget and Kate, emigrated to Warrington, England sometime between 1850 and 1856. In Warrington they had three more children: John, James Daniel (my great-grandfather), and Martin. 

Daniel's male Connor ancestors descend from Haplogroup I-Y4751

Daniel, Mary, and Bridget had a family business as tailors, miliners, and dressmakers. 

John became a painter, and James and Martin worked in the steel industry. In the late 19th century both brothers, along with wives and children, emigrated to the United States. 

It is my obsession to find where, in Galway, Daniel hailed from. 

My DNA shows I am over 80% Irish, mostly from the Connaught region. 

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