Place of migration:
Migrated to /Born in Canada

Daniel Dwyer, born cir. 1805, Boherlahan-Dualla area, Tipperary, Ireland [Cashel & Emly Diocese]. 

[Source: Birth year calculated from his age at death]

Parents:  unknown


  1. Alicia (Ally) Dwyer, b. cir 1812 & *d. bef. 1848, La Salette, Ontario, Canada (see below “Edmund Hackett”)

  2. Michael Dwyer b. cir 1821 (Possible brother, farmed across from Daniel.  Source:  1861 Census of Canada & bef. 1871 Census, he has sold his land to Daniel and gone]. Spouse Catherine - - -; children born Ontario, Canada: Johanna (blind) b. cir. 1848 & d.1878 & had been living with Daniel & Mary [Source: OVR Death Registration; Mary b. cir. 1852

  3. Oral family history:  "had a brother in the British Army in India", but no name given.

Marriage:  Nov. 21 1837, Daniel married Mary Hackett (b. 8 Dec 1815) (see Chronicles), daughter of Patrick Hackett & Catherine Drue from Kill Hill, Dualla [Ballyherberry]; Witness: Patrick Hackett and Patrick Dwyer.  Clergy was Rev. William Kirwin, PP

[Source:  Certified copy of Boherlahan-Dualla Parish Register personally given by PP, Rev. James Feehan 2003; also NLI Parish Register of Marriage]

Child: **Michael Dwyer, born 25 Nov 1838, Boherlahan-Dualla, Tipperary, Ireland; Sponsors: Michael Cummins & Catherine Lube/Lubey/Looby

[Source:  Certified copy of birth, Boherlahan-Dualla Parish Register personally given by PP, Rev. James Feehan 2003; also NLI Parish Register of baptisms]

Immigration: 1839 to Canada, Ontario, Oxford County, S. Norwich Township, Lot 2, Concession 7, where he built a log home & farmed on Crown Land given to him by a brother in the British Army [oral history, unconfirmed]. They were pioneers who helped build a log parish church, first called St. Anthony’s, which burned, *destroying all the records, with a cemetery of about 300 people,.  A 2nd church was built of brick in the town of La Salette, Ontario & named St. Mary’s and eventually the name changed to Our Lady of La Salette, also with a cemetery to the rear.  Two stained glass windows were donated to this church by Daniel & Mary’s son Thomas in their memory, which remain today.  Many Irish family names belonged to this parish (Dwyer, Hackett, McNamara, Kirwin, O’Brien, Donnelly’s). This church is deconsecrated, but still remains as a venue for many events run by volunteers.

Daniel’s farm backed on Edmund Hackett's land, another Tipperary man.  I believe he is related to Mary, but not a sibling of hers.

            Edmund Hackett (b. 7 May 1811) Boherlahan-Dualla, married Daniel’s sister Ally (Alicia) Dwyer, on Apr. 27, 1836; had two children (John b.1836 & William b.1838, Boherlahan-Dualla),                  immigrated to the same area in Canada and had another child Philip b.1844.  Edmund re-  married & had 4 more children.  He died 1891, Oxford Co. Norwich, ON

Children of Daniel Dwyer & Mary Hackett: 

[Source:  OVR Birth/Marriage/Death; Drouin Collection of Parish Registers]

  1. **Michael  b. 1838  (Boherlahan-Dualla, Tipperary, Ireland ~ d. 1902, Oxford Co., S. Norwich Township;

8 more children in Oxford County, S. Norwich Township, Ontario, Canada baptized/born between 1844 & 1859:

  1. Margaret                    (1841-1910)

  2. Johanna                      (1842-1917)

  3. Mary                           (1844-1918)

  4. Thomas                       (1846-1918)

  5. William Robert           (1848-1922)   [Immigrated between 1870-1875 to Lapeer, Michigan, USA]

  6.  Elleanor                     (1851-*bef. 1861)

  7. Daniel                          (1854-1935)

  8. Mary Ann                   (1859-1899)

Daniel Dwyer died 8 June 1882, S. Norwich Township, Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada, age 77 years.  Mary Hackett-Dwyer d. 11 Sep 1889, S. Norwich Township, Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada, age 73 years.  They are buried in Our Lady of La Salette R.C. Cemetery, La Salette, Ontario, Canada

[Source:  Diocese of London, Ontario Parish Register of Death; OVR (Ontario Vital Records); Drouin Collection of Parish Registers of Birth, Marriage & Death]

Searched: Ireland, 1827 Tithe Applotment; 1847 House Books; Boherlahan-Dualla Journals 1999-2017; have parish records of ALL Daniel’s born in Cashel & Emly Diocese [Note: parish registers for Boherlahan-Dualla begin 1810], but still unable to pin down exactly who Daniel's family were and exactly what Townland.  Through DNA we have a 'common ancestor to O'Dwyer's from Pallasgreen, Limerick area, but due to lack of records several generations are missing and still being researched.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1805 (circa)  
Date of Death 1st Jun 1882  

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  • My 3 x great-grandfather was Patrick Dwyer, born around 1805 to 1812 and possibly from Boherlahan area.

    He married Catherine Cummins (Commins) on January 31 1831 found in the Boherlahan church records.

    My 2 x great grandmother, Anne Dwyer was baptised 15 May 1838 found in the Boherlahan church records.

    Wondering if my 3 x great-grandfather Patrick, and your Daniel may be related, possibly brothers.

    I haven't found any records of siblings however, nor details of Patricks parents.

    My 2 x great grandmother emigrated to Australia, and her sister Bridget also.

    Their older brothr William, 1832 - 1875? stayed in Ireland.


    Sunday 13th September 2020, 06:26AM
  • I believe there is a possible connection between Patrick Dwyer & Daniel Dwyer, possibly a brother or a cousin.  Whether he is your Patrick Dwyer, is unclear.  As you see in my origianl posting, a Patrick Dwyer was a witness when Daniel married Mary Hackett in 1837.  

    A Patrick Dwyer, (Mary Thornton), born abt 1781 Boherlahan-Dualla & died 1902 in Cowra NSW.  They had 4 children I am aware of:  1. Thomas abt 1809; 2. Johanna abt 1811; 3. Francis abt. 1812 & 4. Patrick 1813.  Thomas' son Patrick (Janet Kelly) emigrated to Cowra NSW where he died in 1869.  No. 4 son Patrick (Margaret Cantwell) also emigrated to Cowra & died there in 1907.  

    There were many Boherlahan-Dualla marriages & Baptisms between Dwyer's & Cummins/Commons/Cummans (Marriages:  1814 Margaret Common & Denis Dwyer; 1814 Jude Common & Daniel Dwyer; Anna Common & John Dwyer; 1829 Michael Cummins & Mary Dwyer; 1836 Patrick Cummons & Mary Dwyer to name a few) .  I have a Baptism in 1812 for a Patrick Dwyer, son of Daniel Dwyer & Honara Dwyer, Boherlahan, but unable to connect to us.

    I have been researching our elusive Daniel's family for over 25 years & to date have not been able to find his parents, although I believe they could be Michael Dwyer & Margaret if naming patterns are correct.  There were no descendants of our Daniel naming any of his children Patrick.  No siblings were ever recorded by family once they emigrated to Canada.

    Sorry I am unable to confirm or help you connect, but keep in touch should you discover more.  Thanks for reaching out.  Marilyn


    Monday 14th September 2020, 05:36PM

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