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Daniel Fitzpatrick (1806-1859)[1]

Daniel Fitzpatrick was committed on 5th June 1831 to the Kilmainham Goal in Dublin, charged with stealing a sheep.[2]  Despite having no previous charges, he was sentenced to 14 years transportation on 25 June 1831.   On the 5th Sept he was carted to the hulk Essex,[3] where he served as the inmate’s barber until he was bundled aboard the Captain Cook along with almost 200 other prisoners for the 154-day journey to Sydney Cove.[4] The ship arrived in April 1832. In August Daniel was assigned as a labourer to James W Lowe,[5] a large landholder at Sidmouth Valley in NSW (near Oberon) where he remained in service until he gained a ticket of leave in 1838.[6]

The trans-shipment report from the hulk Essex described him as a quiet prisoner.[7] Convict Indents describe him as being 26 years old, unable to read or write, Roman Catholic, and married with one male child. His native place was listed as Wicklow and his occupation noted as cattle dealer, stockman and barber. Daniel’s height was 5’ 7 ½ “, he had a brown complexion, brown hair, and light blue to grey eyes; the only distinguishing feature noted was - he had hairy arms.[8]

Daniel’s wife, Margaret Kelly,[9] and his son, John,[10] followed Daniel to Australia in 1834.  Daniel and Margaret’s family grew to include Catherine born in 1835; Daniel 1837; Thomas 1839; William 1841; Francis 1843; Elizabeth 1846; Mary Ann 1848; and Margaret 1853.

After he gained his ticket of leave in 1838 and until his death in 1859[11] Daniel acquired assets worth over 2,000 pounds.[12]  Originally, he leased 640 acres of land at Slippery Creek (now known as Hazelgrove NSW),[13] then gradually began to purchase the land as it was released for sale.  After Daniel’s death his children continued to increase the family’s holdings.  Today several of Daniel’s descendants still live on his original land holdings.

Daniel and Margaret contributed significantly to their community.  They hosted the Catholic services and the travelling Priest during his monthly visits.[14].They also donated land for the first Catholic church in Slippery Creek, a dance hall and a sports field.[15]


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Date of Birth 1806  
Date of Death 7th Mar 1859  

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