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Dr. Daniel Reardon (sometimes O'Rearden) was the medical officer for the Bruff Dispensary District for 16 years after having trained in Dublin at the Ledwich and Coombe hospitals.

Dr. Daniel Reardon ( O'Rearden) was written about in the Irish Examiner 27.07.1904 at the time of his death with heartfelt regret from the community he served in Bruff and list of hundreds attended his funeral, after returned by train at Knocklong.

I would like to know what happened to his wife Frances and her 2 children as in the 1911 census they are living in Tipperary, and frances originally was from Waterford. Where was Evelyn Constance schooled as only 9 years when father died

Additional Information
Date of Birth 25th Nov 1858  
Date of Death 23rd Jul 1904  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Michael  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Ann Butler  
Place & Date of Baptism Knockainy 1858  
Townland born Bottomstown  
Number of Siblings 10  
Names of Siblings Mary Anne James John Margaret Catherine Michael B John Simon John  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Maria Frances Rice  
Place & Date of Marriage St Peter & Paul Cork 7.6.1894  
Number of Children 3  
Names of Children Evelyn Constance Ita Patricia Hilda  
Occupation Doctor  
Place of Death Dublin  
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  • Hi,
    You ask.........Where was Evelyn Constance schooled as only 9 years when father died
    ​on the 1911 census, they are number 29 house, that means the 29th building in the road, not house number 29. Each "House and Buildings return form (3rd choice down highlighted in blue)has 17 lines, look for number 29 and it's on page 2, as you can see the building name is listed, look at page 5, look for numbers 76 and 77, they are Schools. Evelyn must have gone there to school. 

    And.........I would like to know what happened to his wife Frances and her 2 children as in the 1911 census they are living in Tipperary, and frances originally was from Waterford.
    Can't find anything about her. 
    Did Evelyn marry and if she did who to and where?
    Also Ita, did she marry and if she did who and where?
    ​Below are the records I found, you may already have these, but this is how I search.


    the marriage in Cork.


    Evelyn’s birth



    Ita’s birth



    Daniel’s death



    Daniel’s Will


    ​Thanks, Margot





    Thursday 10th May 2018, 03:39PM
  • I am seeking information on him too. Did his brother Simon marry an O'Brien lady from Lough Gur?


    Thursday 5th November 2020, 09:24PM
  • Yes - I have info that he did marry Annie O'Brien at Patrickswell, on 13th February 1893 but i gather they did separate later on and am not sure if Simon Reardon went to America as he did not attend his brother's funeral in Bruff in july 1904, which seemed unusual.   I was told by a local lady that Annie Reardon went to NZ with her children, do not know dates.  Hope this is helpful.  Tell me what you may find.  Do you know about the book called "The Farm" by Mary Fogarty, or  Sissy O'Brien about their lives growing up in Lough Gur, its meant to be a classic.


    Best wishes

    Liz Logan


    Friday 6th November 2020, 10:05AM
  • Great to hear from you again. Send me your email address and I will put you directly in touch with a direct descendant of the O'Briens. Yes that book is a classic.


    Friday 6th November 2020, 06:14PM
  • Hi John


    My email is lizzlogan@gmail.com.   Thanks again



    Saturday 7th November 2020, 03:08PM
  • Hi Liz

    Marie Therese O'Brien is a direct descendant of the O'Briens and can be contacted at mtobrien64@gmail.com.

    Best regards


    Monday 9th November 2020, 07:54PM
  • Thanks again John how are you acquainted to the O'Briens?  Do you live in the US or Ireland?




    Tuesday 10th November 2020, 01:02PM
  • Hi Liz

    I am a friend of the descendant whom I gave the email address of her to you. I am just wondering - was Daniel Reardon in an earlier marriage?

    The following is taken from the Limerick Chronicle of 9 June 1885. It is an obituary.

    " June 4, at Bruff, County Limerick, Janet, the beloved wife of D. C. Reardon, M.D."


    Sunday 15th November 2020, 12:59PM
  • Hi John


    I had no idea of a previous wife called Janet - my gt Grandfather married Maria Frances Rice in June 1894 in Cork and his full name is Dr.Daniel Francis Butler Reardon and DFB are his initials signed as a witness at Simon Reardon's Marriage certificate.  His life was 1858-1904 and a lot of his time 1886-1904 in between Bruff and Dublin where he died.  I have no record of another marriage, was this another Dr. Reardon from another area or parish, perhaps you can find out more?





    Sunday 15th November 2020, 02:02PM