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Daniel Raftery (in US they changed his name to Rafferty) left Galway and headed to Chicago somewhere around 1925. An Irish 1911 Census is included. We know that we have relatives in Ireland, but we are not sure of their names. 

The other members of Daniel's family were:

Patrick Raftery, Bridget Raftery, Mary O'Connor, Norah Raftery, John Raftery, Michael Raftery and Katie "Kitty" Rafferty

Michael Raftery and Kay (Keogh) Raftery were the Father/Mother of Fr. Pete Raftery. Fr. Pete did many translations of old books. He is the one who we are looking for. He died March 15, 2013 (born October 20, 1950). It is said that he did an extensive amount of work on a Raftery Family Tree.

Here are the brothers and sisters of Fr. Pete:

brothers/ssiters:   David Raftery; Michael Raftery; Mary Raftery and Caitríona Raftery 

Any help would we DEEPLY APPRECIATED!

Daniel Nolan

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Date of Birth 1906 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 14th Nov 1968  




    I am the granddaughter of Mary O'Connor (Christine (Chris) Carolan).  i do not know if I can help but possibly my uncle Robery O'Connor, son or Mary O'Connor can help.  I was such a small child but remember a visit from David in my grandmothers apartment in Marquette Park, Chicago when I was young.  I think I may even hava a photo of him at that visit.  You are vague when you say "we" and only sign your name as Daniel Nolan.  How are you related?  My email is carolan_chris@yahoo.com




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