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My ggg grandfather was Denis Finn born c1778 in Ireland. He had 5 children Patrick, Dennis, Margaret, Mary and Ann (not sure about Ann) his wife was Jane Unknown. They came out as convicts, Denis and Dennis Jnr on the "Vincent" and Jane on the "Margaret". Patrick came out in 1849 also a convict on the "Earl Grey". Jane's native place is Enniscarthy B:c1784 and Denis B:c1778 possibly the same place as Jane. We do not know who his parents where or if he had siblings and may never know but would like to try one more time. Jane's last name would be great to know as well. We do not know what happened to the 3 girls either. I have found info saying that Margaret married William Ryan (not sure if this is true) and she had a daughter and came out to Australia when William was sent out as a convict.

Patrick B: c1817    Mary B: c1820    Dennis B:1/1/1823  Margaret May B: c1825 and Ann B: 21/12/1828 all in Tullow County Carlow I was able to get some dates from the church records but not all of them, they lived in "The Green" way back then. Denis, Dennis and Jane where tried in Wexford. This picture was done by a Police officer using the information from their Convict records.

I also have  Finns from Carlow.

Hope someone can help with some information

Thanking You   



Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1778 (circa)
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