Denis Hobbins 1855

Denis Hobbins 1855

Place of migration:
Migrated to /Born in Canada

Denis Hobbins in 1881

Canada Census 1881

London (City), Ontario, Canada

First name(s)    Last name    Sex    Birth year    Birth place
Denis    Hobbins    Male    1855    Ireland
Margaret    Hobbins    Female    1858    Ireland
Mary    Hobbins    Female    1878    Ontario
Wm.    Hobbins    Male    1881    Ontario
Mary    O'Reefe    Female    1831    Ireland

First name(s)    Denis
Last name    Hobbins
Sex    Male
Religion    Roman Catholic
Marital status    Married
Age    26
Birth year    1855
Birth place    Ireland
Origin    Irish
Province    Ontario
Country    Canada
Family number    397
Subdistrict    Ward 3
District    London (City)
Film    C-13270
Image source     Image at Library and Archives Canada
Record set    Canada Census 1881
Category    Census, land & surveys
Subcategory    Census
Collections from    Canada, Americas


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1855  


    1. Denis Daniel Joseph Hobbins was baptised on 21 Aug 1854 in Monsea, Cloughprior, Cloughprior and Monsea, Killodiernan, Monsea and Killodiernan, Puckane, Tipperary, Ireland.

    2. Born 1855

      He was born in 1855 in Nenaugh, Tipperary, Ireland.


    3. 1878

      Denis Daniel Joseph Hobbins and Margaret O'Keefe Stewart Hobbins gave birth to a daughter. Mary Hobbins was born abt 1878 in Ontario, Canada.


    4. 1881

      He appeared in the census in 1881 in London (City), Ontario, Canada.


    5. 1881

      Denis Daniel Joseph Hobbins and Margaret O'Keefe Stewart Hobbins gave birth to a son. William Gordon Stewart Hobbins was born 2 Jan 1881 in Middlesex.


    6. Died Unknown

      Other Info From Ireland-XO help:

      His baptism in Monsea on August 21st 1854 of a Dennis Hobbins. Parents: Patt (Patrick) and Mary McKeogh.

      Baptismal Sponsors: Michael Grace and Mary Murray. Entry on right hand page at the bottom. According to transcription in the address is Carrig. Does it have any relevance to you?

      Wednesday 1st December 2021, 09:08PM
      Attached Files
      Page 110, Microfilm 02481 _ 01, Monsea, Killaloe - Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI.pdf

      Hi, I noticed in family search on the 1881 Census that Margaret's mother was with them in Canada.
      I looked for O'Keefe in Griffiths Valuation.
      A Patrick O'Keefe was in Ballycommon, Monsea in 1852.
      That area comes in Nenagh in the Civil records. He passes in 1867.
      Irish Genealogy
      The record of the birth that McCoy sent the townland states Carrig.
      This is the area...........can be Carrig or Carrick.
      Carrick Townland, Co. Tipperary (
      Looking for Hobbins in Tipperary in the townland Carrig or Carrick is this.....
      Griffith's Valuation (
      Looks like Denis born 1855  his father was Patrick and his father is Denis.


      I'm trying to verify Denis 1855 Father Patrick.  Which Patrick?

      And his Grandfather Denis.  Which Denis?  All help is greatly appreciated.



    Sunday 5th December 2021, 09:14PM

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