Denis Sullivan 1833

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Denis was the son of Tim Sullivan and Ellen Ford, Monalig, Cannavy.  He had 8 Siblings.  Only the whereabouts of one of Denis' Siblings is know: Catherine.  Any assistance in the matter would be appreciated

Additional Information
Date of Birth 28th Nov 1833  
Townland born Monalig  


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    Some more detail on this case:


    Some Further Notes on Denis O'Sullivan, Monallig, Cannaway, Co. Cork:

    1. The baptismal records for the children of Tim O’Sullivan and Ellen Ford are as follows:
      1. 26/04/1829, John, Sp: Daniel Sullivan and Margaret Ford
      2. 14/03/1831, Catherine, Sp: Charles Ford and Anne Horgan
      3. 06/04/1832, Patrick, Sp:  William Riordan and Mary Lyne
      4. 28/11/1833, Denis, Sp:  Bill Riordan and Peggy Ford
      5. 30/04/1836, Julia, Sp:  Daniel Desmond and Mary Delaney
      6. May 1837, Ellen Sp:  David Horgan and Ellen Brien
      7. 22/05/1839, Daniel, Sp: Richard Ford and Ellen Sweeney
      8. 05/05/1842, Timothy, Sp: John Ford and Honoria Desmond
      9. 07/09/1845, Margaret, Sp: Daniel Mahony and Ellen Lynch
      10. is currently down.  Will confirm the above details later.  I believe this information was taken from a letter I received from Helen Hennessy.
      11. The first check to do will be to look at and see, by using the parents names as search terms if I will get any hits? 
      12. I used the following entries in the search platform:
        1. Place of Birth:        Ireland
        2. Birth Range:          1820 – 1850
        3. Parents Names:       Sullivan and Ellen Ford.
      13. My search generated the following two hits:
        1. Anne Ring (New York Municipal Deaths 1795 – 1949), born 1848, Ireland.  Died 25/12/1909, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States.  Buried o 28/12/1909, Residence: 63rd Division Avenue.  Father: Timothy Sullivan, Mother: Ellen Ford.  Marital status: Widowed.  Occupation: Housewife.  Cemetary: Calvary Cemetary.
        2. Julia Roache (Massachussetes Deaths 1841 - 1915).  Birth: Ireland.  Death: 05/10/1913, Boston, Massachussets.  Father: Timothy Sullivan.  Mother: Ellen Ford.  Spouse: Richard Roache.  Marital Status: Widowed.  Place of Death: Boston State Hospital, 26 Hynes Street.  Age: 68 years. Cause of death: Cerebral Haemorrhage, 5 Days. Birth Place of Parents: Ireland.  Usual Residence: Boston.  Place of Burial/Removal:  Malden (Holy Cross)
      14. From Search described in m a., and again using the site and using the parents names to trace the next generation, i.e. Mother’s Name: Annie Sullivan and Father’s last name “Ring” I came upon the following Death Record:
        1. New York City Municipal Deaths 1795 – 1949.  Name: Sadie G. Florence.  Died: January 5th, 1946 at Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States.  Address: 3321, Farragut Road.  Residence Place:  Brooklyn, Kings, New York.  Age:  52 Years.  Marital Status: Widowed.  Occupation: Housewife.  Birth Date:  February 17th, 1893.  Cemetary: Calvary.  Birth Place:  New York.  Burial Date:  February 17th, 1946.  Father: John Ring (Ireland).  Mother:  Annie Sullivan (Ireland).  Spouse Name:  Joseph Florence.
      15. From search n a, I used the father’s Name: Florence and the Mother’s Name: Sadie Ring and on located the following Birth Record:
        1. New York, New York City Births 1848 – 1909.  Name: Walter Francis Florence. Born on: June 24th, 1908.  Place:  Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States.  Father’s Name: Joseph Patrick Florence.  Mother’s Name:  Sadie Geraldyne Ring.
      16. Now regarding Search n b a further search can be done in using the parent’s names:  Julia Sullivan and Richard Roache. I came across one possible candidate using the search terms: “Richard Roache and Julia”.  Its of interest because it gives Julia’s last name as Roach and the address is Brooklyn, Kings, New York.  The same district as Annie Sullivan.  The reference is:
        1. New York, New York City Municipal Deaths 1795 – 1949. Address:  576, Descath Avenue. Age: 0 years, Infant.  Name: Loretta V. Roache.  Date of Death: October 9th, 1900.  Birth Place:  Brooklyn.  Cemetary: Holy Cross. (The same cemetery). 
      17. On the baptismal records for Kilmurry Parish per is a record for Julia on April 30th, 1835 at Monalig a daughter to Tim Sullivan and Ellen Forde with God Parents given as: Daniel Desmond and Norry Delaney.
      18. Where is Monallig, Kilmurry? I have since confirmed this question.
    2.  My attempts to link these two families have taken me to the development of the following  U.S. Family Tree Summary:


    Annie Sullivan B. 1848 Ireland D 63rd Div Av,Dec 25 1909, 60

    = John Ring D. April 11 1898, 58





    Sadie Ring B. Feb 17 1893 D. 3321 Farragut Rd Brooklyn Kings NY Jan 5 1946

    = Joseph P Florence D. Feb15 1918










    Alice A Florence

    = John J Shine D. April 19 1953

    Walter F Florence

    B. Brooklyn Kings NY

    June 24 1908


    Sarah Florence


    Jacob Florence


    Dorothy Shine

    = James McQuade


    Patricia A McQuade

    b. Dec 7, 1956,

    Los Angels, CA.










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