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Dominick Daly1798

Dominick Justin Daly 1798

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Dominick Daly was born in Ardfry, County Galway on the 11th of August 1798 to Dominic Daly Sen. and Joanna Harriet Blake. 

Born into the upper class, Daly was educated in Birmingham. He married Carolina Maria Gore, with whom he had five children.

When he was 24 years old he was appointed to the role of secretary to the lieutenant governor of Lower Canada, a British colony in what is now Quebec. Four years later he was promoted to the position of Provincial Secretary of Lower Canada. He continued in similar roles, even after the introduction of a voting system, only relinquishing power in 1848 when he returned to England. 

Daly received a knighthood in 1856 after serving as lieutenant governor of both Tobago and Prince Edward Island. 

After this, Daly relocated to Australia where he was appointed as the first ever Catholic governor of South Australia. He was well liked by the people and served in this office until he died while at work on the 19th of February 1868. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 11th Aug 1798 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 19th Feb 1868 VIEW SOURCE

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