Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland

This photo is of either Edmund Flood b. 1845 Ballynakill d. 1899 Australia OR  one of his sons, John Flood b. 1868 Australia.  d. 1907 Australia.

We're waiting for confirmation of who it is.

So, this Flood is wearing robes from the Hibernian Australasian Catholic Benefit Society HACBS, St Kilians branch in Bendigo / Sandhurst. 

Edmund (b. 1845)  emigrated to Australia in 1854 (approx) with his Uncle (Name?). Edmund and his brother Patrick were reunited in Bendigo

(aka Sandhurst, name change) a town in Victoria Australia. It was the time of the Great Famine in Ireland and the Gold Rush in Australia. 

Edmund Fllook

Picture: FLood 5th from fight John and Bridget 4 years old 1908ish

Family Tree

The tree is being created now on wikitree, back to the father of the children who emigrated to Australia. 

Edmund Flood

Born about 1799 in Ireland     Died [date unknown] in Ballynakill, County Galway, Ireland

Son of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]  [sibling(s) unknown]

Husband of Anne (Tully) Flood — married about 1820 in County Galway, Ireland

Edmund b. 1799 was the father of :  Bridget (Flood) Conroy, Thomas Flood, Honora (Flood) Duggan, Catherine Flood, Peter Flood, Patrick Flood and Edmond Flood

Anne (Tully) Flood emigrated to Australia in about 1855 with some of her children after her husband died in Ireland. A couple of the boys had already emigrated with an Uncle. 

Edmund and Patrick emigrated to Australia as a 10 year old and a 17 year old. Thomas, Bridget, Honora emigrated to Australia. Not sure if Catherine and Peter came to Australia. 

Honora Flood was baptised on 20 June 1834 at Woodford, Galway.

A lot of the Floods still live in Bendigo. Some are in other parts of Victoria and Western Australia.




Additional Information
Date of Birth 1799  
Date of Death 1845 (circa)  
  Edmond Flood from Woodford. Ballynakil, Leitrim, Co. Galway. Married Anne Tully. The Floods migrated to Australia and settled in Bendigo, Vic, at the time of the gold rush. Family Tree on Photo: Edmund's G'son - John Flood 1868 - 1907 b. Australia VIEW SOURCE


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