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Edward Fitzmaurice was baptised in the RC parish of Killukin & Killummod (now Croghan) on 29 June, 1817. His parents were Edward Fitzmaurice & Mary Lavin (Laven) with her siblings James & Anne Lavin acting as godparents. It was about this time that his parents had returned from Jamaica.

The surname Fitzmaurice aka Fitzmorris aka Fitzmauris is unusual in this district. 

  • In 1814 Catherine Fitzmaurice & Thomas Tansy baptised Brigid in Croghan. 
  • In 1815 Brigid Fitzmaurice & James Noon baptised Nicholas in Croghan. 
  • In 1817 Honor Fitzmaurice & James Keines baptised John in Croghan.
  • In 1817 Edward Fitzmaurice & Mary Lavin baptised Edward Jr. in Croghan.

By 1832, Edward had enlisted in the 44th regiment of foot. His older brother, Patrick Fitzmaurice, enlisted in the 30th regiment of foot (and by 1830 was married to Ellen) and seems to have returned to Roscommon. In their fathers will in 1842, Edward received part of his fathers land with his brother John in New Brunswick (Patrick, however, received very little in this will).  SOURCE 



On 18-May-1835 Margaret Fitzmaurice & James Murry of Cordrehid, Carrick-on-Shannon (Killukin) invited Mary Lavin and John Fitzmaurice to godparent at the baptism of Walter Murry. This couple also invited Catherine Fitzmaurice (wife of John Fury or Darby Regan) to godparent in 1825.  Patrick Fitzmorris & Sarah May (see Pat Fitzmaurice of Cloonfad m. 1877) invited James Murray & Brigid Fitzmorrris to godparent in 1837, Sarah Fitzmaurice in 1839, Michael Fitzmaurice in 1844.



The most common variant recorded in the Croghan (Killukin) district is Morris (which can also appear as Morrisroe, Morriss, or Morrison). 

  • In 1749 John & Christina Morris were cottagers in Canbo.
  • In 1797, the Flaxgrowers list shows a strong cluster in the civil parish of Killummod: James, John, Michael & Thomas Morriss. But none in Killukin.
  • In 1815 Roger Morris & Eleanor Dockry were living in the townland of Knockroe, Croghan (Killummod).
  • In 1816 James Morriss & Celia McDermott were living in the townland of Artkurk (sic), Croghan (Killummod); Michael Morris & Sarah Owens in the townland of Bunreagh
  • By 1842 Andrew Morris (m. Brigid McGrath) in the townland of Carrowmore, Croghan (Killummod) and Pat Morriss was recorded in the townland of Cartron, Carrick on Shannon (Killummod) see Tithe Applotments.



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Date of Birth 29th Jun 1817  
Associated Building (s) CROGHAN village  

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