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Migrated to/Born in South America

Hello everyone!

My name is Diana O'Higgins, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My great.grandfather was Edward Higgins, son of James Higgins and Anne Farrell, born on 23th april of 1853, in this parish-

He left Ireland, and arrived in Buenos Aires, I guess, around 1870

He married here to Eliza Barrett in 1876, also irish, her parents as is detailed in their marriage certificate here in Argentina, were Bernard Barrett and Mary Higgins


One thing catch my eye, is that, in their marriage certificate here, in Argentina, they say that are cousins in 3rd grade.


So , I´m looking for more information, also if there is any relatives in the area too, to see if I can know something more about my roots.


Thank you in advance!




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Date of Birth 23rd Apr 1853 VIEW SOURCE

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