Edward J Dillon1883

Edward J Dillon 1883

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Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in South America

Son of Thomas Dillon (Kildare) and Catherine Bryan (later O'Brien) also from Kildare

Political exile, had to leave Ireland abt 1908 in a heartbeat. He ended up in Buenos Aires by chance; his mother Kate would had rushed him to the docks (no idea what happened), and he got to hide on a ship. It seems he couldn't get out not to be seen, and ship sailed. 

Edward mentioned he originally wanted to go to NY where 2 of his 'brothers' had gone. A 3rd 'brother' had escaped to Rio de Jainero but lost contact. These would had most likely been his brothers in arms as he had no other bio siblings other than his bro Michael. 

Upon arriving to Buenos Aires, he was given pieces of land by fellow irishmen to sell for him to better settle. He assisted to weekly IRA exiles gatherings held at a bilingual catholic school (not disclosing name). We know he went back to Europe a few times (have a record of one trip entering trough Spain) but he was never able to re enter Ireland apparently. 

2 different acccounts by some elderly members indicate that a certain uncle of his, with whom he'd had a close personal and political relationship got to be somesort of representative or MP for Ireland. Story checksout from another family member who remembers something about this uncle that was into politics, (Edward was a bit of his protege for some reason) would had left money for him (Edward), wire transferring from England. This same aunt indicated when she was a kid, his dad Vincent took her to a notary to set aside that money that was left for Edward, and had come from someone on England. 

We tought nothing of this initially but when a few stories started adding up it caught our attention. What was that money for? a gesture? a compensation? if so, what for?

Unfortunately nobody remembers the name of this uncle, and those who could try to dig seem to get foggy on cue as of course, money is gone and a few claim they had no idea Edward had son and grankids (false as at least one or two letters came from a lady in Dublin inviting family over abt 1959, mentioning Ed should take his grandkids with him)

Edward had many irish buddies, but one who resonates to a great aunt was called Kearney or so. 

Guess we'll never know the story. 

If you were to have any info or recommendations don't hesitate to contact me at jesicadillon@hotmail.com

Additional Information
Date of Birth 26th May 1883
Date of Death 14th Jun 1958
Townland born North Dock Dublin
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Thomas Dillon (Kildare)
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Catherine Bryan (later O'Brien)

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