Edward  J.  Linehan 1833

Edward J. Linehan 1833

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Born about 1833 in Buttevant parish, likely Ballybeg or Grange. Father was Cornelius Linehan, mother was Mary, possibly Keaney but not certain.

Older brother Michael was born Nov 1818 at grange, buttevant, cork.

Michael emigrated to USA in 1844, Edward followed in 1851. Both resided in Buskirk's Bridge, Washington County, New york, USA.

Michael died in 1899, Edward died in 1913. 


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1833  
Date of Death 9th Sep 1913  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary, possible Kearney\Carny  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Cornelius Linehan  
Place & Date of Marriage Possible 1851, Buttevant  
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  • Hi,

    I would think we are related distantly my ancestor was William Lenihan (Linehan) from Buttevant (Ballybeg) b around 1830 = Ellen Connors and had the following children:

    Patrick 1850,

    Michael 1856, = Julia Heffernan

    Edmond 1859, = Hannah Relihan

    Mary Ann 1861

    Does this match any of your records, have you done a DNA test at all, i have done and managed to connect to some other Linehan cousins whose ancestors also came from Buttevant

    Best Wishes, Stephen Quinn

    Tuesday 13th November 2018, 02:39PM
  • Hi Stephen,

        The question for you would be if William had brothers\sisters ?  Based on his birth year (1830) it is possible that he is a brother or cousin to my 2xggf Edward J.Linehan (born 1833).

    Most of Edwards siblings were born in Buttevant but at least the first two were born in Grange, just south of Buttevant. Ballybeg is also south of Buttevant along the banks of the river Awbeg.

    These are the ones that I know of, dates and where they were baptised:

    Michael (b:1818 Grange)

    Johanna:(b:1823 Grange)

    John:(b:1825 Buttevant)

    Catherine(b:1828 Buttevant)

    Mary(b:1831 Buttevant)

    Edward(B:1833 Buttevant)

    Their father was Cornelius Linehan and their mother was Mary. Mary's last name may be Kearney\Carny but I have nothing to back that up.  I have looked at Griffith's Valuation and found references to William in Ballybeg but have not found any evidence of Cornelius in or around Buttevant. The only evidence that I have about Cornelius and his ties to Buttevant includes family lore and a letter written by Cornelius in 1864 vouching for his son Michael in which it states that Michael was born November 1818 at Grange, Buttevant, Cork.

    I did find 1851 Griffitth's valuations for an Edward Linehan leasing a house on New Street in Buttevant. I have no evidence that would put him there and he would have been about 18 years old at the time and he also emigrated to the US (New York) in November of 1851. Possibly him but not certain.

    Another point of interest:  Your Edmond married a Hannah Relihan, and your William married an Ellen Connors. Relihan and Connors are also two names that figure in my line.

    My 3x ggp's were Denis Relihan (b:1790) married to Johanna Connors (b:1800). They lived in Ballinatrilla\Ballinguile which is a few miles northwest of Buttevant. Their daughter Ellen Relihan (b:1826) married Edward Linehan (see above). Ellen and Edward emigrated to the US (New York) in 1851 and her parents Dennis and Johanna, emigrated to the US about 1853.

    So, I agree that there is likely a connection here. I can't imagine that have so many common family names is a fluke.

    Yes, I did do Ancestry DNA. You would find my results listed under CJRIvory. I also uploaded my raw DNA data to Myheritage, FamilyTreeDNA (Chris Ivory), and GEDMatch.

    I did find a couple of Linehan's and Relihan's in my match list but none replied to my inquiries.

    My family and I went to Ireland this past september and I did spin through Buttevant\Ballinatrilla\Churchtown. I did not meet and Linehan's or Relihan's while there and was informed by the

    Buttevant town welcome committee that, although there had been Linehan's in town, he thought they had left long ago.

    For what it's worth, the Ivory's hail from The Glen of Aherlow in Tipperary. Those cousins (3rd cousins) I was very fortunate to meet. I am hoping that I will meet Linehan's\Relihan's on my next trip to Ireland.

    That being said: there are Relihan cousins of mine within a few hours drive in upstate New York. We share the same 3ggp's of Denis and Johanna Relihan. Oddly enough, there is a Linehan in their direct line as well. Whereas I descend down from Ellen Relihan, they descend down from her brother Cornelius Relihan and he was married to Catherine Linehan.

    Lots of family connections.

    If you'd like to contact me direct via email, you can reach me at: Christopher.Ivory@ivorysoundworks.com. I do have a handful of old Linehan\Relihan pics and various other bits of info.

    I'm located in Northern New Jersey (USA).















    Tuesday 13th November 2018, 07:41PM

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