Ellen Angela Croak 1828

Ellen Angela Croak 1828

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Ellen Angela Croak was born 27 Oct.1828 and baptized 18 Oct 1828, St. John's Parish, Kilkenny. Her parents were John Croak and Bridget Coogan and their residence at the time of her baptism was given as B. S. assumed to be Ballasallagh. Ellen had three known brothers all baptized in St. John's Parish, Kilkenny with a residence of Ballasallagh;

Thomas b. 1822

Michael b. 1825

Edward b. 1831

Ellen married James Dunne (seperate biography) on 2 Nov 1846, St. John's Parish, Kilkenny and their address was given as Ballasalla, Sponsors were John Corcoran and Bridget Lalor.  James emigrated Oct 1848 and Ellen who was pregnant stayed behind in Kilkenny.  James settled in Newport, Vermont, USA and Ellen followed one year later and arrived in New York on 19 Oct 1849 with her new born baby Mary and her brother-in-law Thomas Dunne. Ellen and James were to have 13 children with Mary the only one born in Ireland. Mary was born 5 Apr 1849 in Ballasalla and baptized 8 Apr 1849, St. John's Parish. Thomas, John Francis, Lot Joseph, Daniel, Eva Bridget, Adam Andrew, Michael James, Simeon Sylvester,Timothy Rue, Daniel O'Connell Matthew, Lawrence Edwin, and Agnes Ellen were all born in Newport, Vermont and baptized at Sacre Coeur de Jesus Catholic Church in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada all described in their father's James biography.

James died of consumption in 1873 leaving Ellen with a large young family.  She lived and worked the family farm on Dunn Hill Road, Newport, Vermont with her son Daniel (my grandfather) until her death 27 Sep 1912 in Newport, VT and she is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Newport. next to her son Daniel. James is buried in Sacre Coeur de Jesus Cemetery in Stanstead Quebec as that was the only Catholic cemetery in the area at the time of his death,

We have been given information about Ellen's parents and grandparents from Éamonn Ó Hógáin as a result of researching Canon William Carrigan's papers in Saint Kieran's College archives. John Croak was born in 1802 in Ireland and married Bridget Coogan 18 Feb 1822, St. John's Parish, kilkenny and the residence for both was given as Ballasalla.  Bridget was born in 1803, possibly in Ballyragget Parish, Byrnesgrove, Kilkenny to James Coogan and Bridget Hogan.  It is not known when John died but according to a family bible Bridget died 19 Apr 1843 in Kilkenny.

According to Canon Carrigan's papers John Croak was the son of John "Jack" Croak (1743-1824) and Judy Brennan

Éamonn Ó Hógáin's ancestor, Edmund Hogan (1739-1825), came from Killaloe (Kilmanagh) in 1768 and married Catherine Brenan (1751-1827), of Sandfordscourt, and settled in Gaulstown, Muckalee.

Jack Croke (1743-1824) came from Killaloe with Edmund to act as his best man and he made his match with Judy Brenan, daughter of Darby Brenan (1707-85), possibly buried in the St. John's Chapel cemetery in Johnswell, and first cousin of Catherine's, before he went home. Jack had been a student and near his ordination.

On his marriage Jack settled on a substantial farm in Kilmogar. However, through the machinations of a certain Christopher Byrne of Ballyfoyle and of his descendants, Jack was stripped of all of his landand he was left with only "Tom Ronans farm rent free for life".

Jack Croke's eldest son was Michael, then John (Sea/n) and Doiminic. Jack Croke and his wife are buried in Rathcoole.

He appears in the census of 1821 as follows:

Parish of Clara, Kilmogar

John Croak farmer 78 20 acres

John Ronan son-in-law 40

Anty Ronan his daughter 40

Anty Ronan gr dr 13

Judith Ronan gr dr 10

Thomas Ronan gr son 9

James Ronan gr son under 1

Another daughter of his, Brigid (1791-?) , was the grandmother of Canon Willie Carrigan, Ruthstown, the historian. Brigid Croke married John Carrigan/Corrogan (1786--1825) on 12.8.1805, their son James (1817-97) married Johanna Brenan (1816-82), Kilfarney, Ballyfoyle, one of whose sons was Canon William "Willie" Carrigan.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 27th Oct 1828  
Date of Death 27th Sep 1912  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Bridget Coogan  


  • Mary CROAK is my 3rd great grandmother.  She married William EAGAN (Egan; born 1788) of Urlingford Parish, Kilkenney.  They had 3 sons: Patrick, James (my 2nd g grandfather) and William.  All emigrated in the 1830's to USA and settled in Wappingfer Falls, NY.  William joined them apparently after Mary died.

    Would there be any connection with your ancestors?

    Ann Coffey

    Friday 10th July 2020, 01:15AM
  • Sorry for the delay in responding bu tI have been away.  There is always the posssiblilty of a connection but I dont have any info to make a connection.  The only Mary Croak that I have was the daughter of Dominic Croak born 1830.  Most of my Croaks were fro the township of Ballysallagh.


    Bob Osgood


    Tuesday 14th July 2020, 02:21PM
  • Thank you

    Ann Coffey

    Wednesday 29th July 2020, 10:49PM

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