I have some information about Ellen Herbert (see the information I provided), but would like to know when and where she was born and when she died. On their daughter's birth record it states that Patrick and Ellen (Herbert) Driscoll were from Cragganock, but they were married in the Kilrush Chapel (according to their marriage record), so I'm assuming they moved to Kilrush at some point. I was able to locate a Patrick Driscoll on Russell's Lane in Kilrush on Griffith's Evaluation, but not sure he's THE one I'm looking for. 

Is there a Driscoll plot/tombstone in the local cemetery? Were she and her husband, Patrick Driscoll, evicted from their homes during the Great Famine? Did she and her husband die during that period and were they placed in a mass grave? I know her daughter, Mary, immigrated to the US, but what happened to her two brothers, Michael and Patrick? Did they stay in Ireland?

Patrick and Ellen had a daughter named Mary (born: July 19, 1845, Kilmurry, Ibricken Parish) and two sons, Patrick (born: Jan. 31, 1847, Parish not mentioned) and Michael (born: Jan. 25, 1849, Parish not mentioned). 

I went on Google Earth to view 67 Russell's Lane (address for Patrick Driscoll on Griffith's Valuation), but could not make out what type of building it is. Is it a residence or a business? 

How would I go about finding living relatives from the Driscoll or Herbert side of the family? 

On Patrick and Ellen's marriage record there are two witnesses: John Herbert and Mary Kelly. I tried to find some info on John Herbert, but to no avail. Wondering if he was Ellen's brother or father. I'm also curious to know about Mary Kelly. Was she John's wife or a friend or relative of Ellen?

I would like to attach some documents, but they are in jpg or pdf format, not URLs. 

I appreciate any information you can provide regarding Ellen Herbert, Patrick Driscoll, Michael Driscoll (son), Patrick Driscoll (son. The only info I need on Mary Driscoll (daughter) is when she immigrated to the US. Would also like to find out who the John Herbert and Mary Kelly were. 

Thank you very much for providing this wonderful service! Look forward to seeing what you uncover. Roberta O'Neill


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1824 (circa)
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Patrick Driscoll
Names of Children Michael, Patrick and Mary
Place & Date of Marriage February 20, 1844, Kilrush Chapel, Kilrush, County Clare


O'Neill Family Tree on Ancestry.com USA


  • Townland



    Civil Parish

    Poor law union

    Craggaknock East





    Craggaknock West








    Thursday 30th June 2022 02:47PM
  • Hi, John.  Might you exlain your post a bit, please?  What is the origin of the information, and what is the reference for the numbers 371 and 389?  Thanks so much!


    Wednesday 6th July 2022 08:10PM
  • List of townlands of County Clare - Wikipedia

    I got the Information from the Link above,  Craggaknock the NO 371 & 389, is the Size in Acres.



    Friday 8th July 2022 06:05AM
  • Thank you, John.  That is a resource I hadn't used, and it was pretty silly of me not to realize that the list that came through had simply lost its table formatting.  Thanks, again, for the post.


    Friday 8th July 2022 03:40PM

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