Patrick Dunne 1818

Patrick Dunne 1818

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Migrated to/Born in Australia

Patrick Dunne was born in Daingean, Co. Offaly in 1818.

In 1846 he was ordained as a priest after training for some years at St Patrick's College in Carlow. 

In 1850 he travelled to Australia where he was one of the first priests on the goldfields of Ballarat.

He became involved with the Queensland Immigration Society which had been established by Bishop James Quinn to assist Irish immigrants in relocating to Queensland. 

Father Dunne's role was to accompany the immigrants on their arduous journey, which he did no less than six times. Conditions on the ships were appalling, so doubtless the Irish passengers would have been glad of the comfort of knowing that a priest was on hand to administer the last rites should the need arise. 

In 1859 he returned to Ireland permanently. 

Father Patrick Dunne died in 1900. 


This Chronicle is created with thanks to James Tolhurst for his research and contributions.

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Date of Birth 1818  

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