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Francis Byrne 1828

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Francis was born in 1828 and went to the US around 1848-50. His parents were Nicholas Byrne and Catherine Hughes. I have lots of information about life and the family in the US, but I want to see if a Byrne family in Toomes is the family Francis came from. They lived near the Turnpike Gate on the Dundalk to Carrickmacross Road. Nicholas died in a violent incident in 1843 near his home. The parish records onlt go back as far as 1833.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1828
Date of Death 1st Jan 1880


  • My Francis Byne was living in Rootate, County Louth in 1837. He married Margaret Carroll in 1812. Could he be a relative?


    Thursday 1st October 2020 01:39PM
  • This could well be a relation. Toomes was the address, but there is so little in the distance. Francis' father was Nicholas. Just thinking about naming traditions where ther any Nicholas's in there. I would love to know about your relative's dates, siblings etc, if you don't mind or where they went in the States. Thank you so much for responding!


    Thursday 1st October 2020 01:50PM
  • I don't know of any Nicholas, but that does not mean much.  I did find out that Francis and Margaret had a son Patrick that was born in the same year they married 1812. In 1837, the heads of household were Francis, James, Hugh, Owen and Catherine. (I think Hugh is my relative and wonder if they were all brothers.) In 1847 the heads were Patrick, Hugh, Thomas, James and Anne. My Hugh was the father of several girls with Jane Lamb in 1840s. The girls went to the states and settled in central NJ, as did Jane. The family story was that Hugh died in a marl pit accident (early 1850). I am excited to get a response!


    Thursday 1st October 2020 02:47PM
  • I located three possible siblings for Francis ... all showing Nicholas Byrne and Catherine Hughes as parents (tried to post in this entry but was not able to)
    Nicholas baptized 1835
    Bridget baptized 1839
    Thomas baptized in 1841.
    Let me know if you want to have copies sent. These are from rootsireland.
    colleen moyles wheeker


    Thursday 1st October 2020 04:01PM
  • I see some real possibilities in your records-I was looking for the Bridget Byrne that Hugh Byrne left his property to when he disappeared from the Valuation Records-she could have been his

    aunt. I thought Thomas was his brother, but maybe he was an uncle. I would love to see the records! If you could email them that would be great. My email is I did

    find the marriage record for Francis on Roots, but the link to the church record was not the correct one.


    Thursday 1st October 2020 04:45PM
  • Thank you to all for your research and efforts. Yes, those are the siblings I have for Francis. 



    Thursday 1st October 2020 07:11PM
  • I have discovered that Bridget married John Scully in East Greenbush. 



    Friday 2nd October 2020 10:58AM


    Hi Borchardt,

    I sent a couple of Emails with what I have. I was wondering where you got the 1812 wedding record?




    Saturday 3rd October 2020 01:50PM
  • Hi Borchardt,

    I'm wondering about the Byrnes you have in Rootate. My great-grandmother was Catherine Byrne and her family lived around or near Rootate. She married Bernard Mathews in 1866. I know her father was Matthew Byrne and mother was Mary Curtis. We think Matthew had brothers named Thomas and Patrick.  Thanks! Joanne 



    Thursday 14th January 2021 02:31PM
  • Hi Joanne,

    My Byrnes family lived in Rootate in the 1840s. I found baptism records for the three girls born in 1843, 1846, and 1848 to Hugh Byrne and Jane Lamb. There was also a son James who may have been by another marriage. My problem seems to be that there are MANY people named Hugh Byrne. Every family seems to have one. The family story was that our Hugh was killed in a

    marl pit. The rest of this family migrated to New Jersey where they lived in the Manalapan area of Monmouth County. Jane lived near Mathew and Michael Lamb in the 1860s. I see the names of your Byrne families in the 1837 and 1847 tithe records for Rootate. I sure wish I could connect these people!




    Thursday 14th January 2021 08:04PM

    Joanne, my Francis lived in East Greenbush, Rensselaer. I know from the census that Catherine, his mother, also moved to the US. 





    Thursday 14th January 2021 08:20PM
  • Yes, the recyling of names makes it so confusing! I know I've run across several Hugh Byrnes. Matthew we think was born in 1811, so your Hugh would be in the same age range, but they may have been cousins, too. 

    I don't know if you've seen this, but there are many Byrnes in this cemetary and some are in Rootate (I think it's called Rootit in some of these inscriptions). I went here a few years back and it's very hard to read the inscriptions so I'm glad someone transcribed it!







    Thursday 14th January 2021 08:29PM

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