Francis  Harbron 1889

Francis Harbron 1889

Place of migration:
Migrated to /Born in Canada

When Francis "Frank" Harbron was born on October 23, 1889, in Dundalk, Louth, Ireland, his father, Frederick, was 47 and his mother, Annie, was 39. The 2nd youngest of 14 children. Like his other siblings he was bptized at Saint Nicholas Church of Ireland in Dundalk, co Louth.

When he was about 2 years old his father went to New South Wales to open a funeral home with his big brother William (1878-1912). The plan was the set up shop & bring the rest of the family when they were settled. But Annie died before that dream was realized. 

Francis was 4 years old he was sent to live in the Ballyconree Orphanage 6 miles from Clifden, Co. Galway along with his brothers Charlie (b. 1885) and Samuel (b.1888), as the tenant farmer  reform momvement gained traction.. They had a relatively good youth memorizing poetry and bible verses while working the farms, unlike some other orphanage stories of that era.

The eldest brother Frederick (1867-1954) had been serving in the military in India and had recently spent time with his father & brother William (1878-1912) in Australia, possibly helping them with the new business, but had returned home prior to his mothers death. 


His big sisters Susan (1872-1947) was already married and living in Antrim. Big sister Rebecca (1870-1949) had moved to Liverpool with their aunt Mary Murdock (we aren't sure how she is related, but she's listed as an Aunt on several census records). Brother Henry was working as a cabinet maker in Julme, Lancashire but moved back to Chapel Lane, Dundalk. Siblings Annie (1875-1955) and Alfred (1880-1959) joined her there when their mother died.


Minnie (1882-1971) and Rachel (1884-1969) were 11 and 9 and were sent to live at Ballygowan, Down, Northern Ireland under some of the most horrific conditions imaginable. Shortly after they left the institution it was finally closed down.


As adults Rachel moved to New South Wales, Minnie moved to Liverpool and Henry moved back to Chapel Lane, Dundalk, Ireland for a time before returning to England in his 40's.
(In a 1913 letter they joked about a "funny memory" of sister Rachel jumping out of a 2nd story window)


As the brothers reached adulthood the school sent them to Canada. They were apparently paid $50 to take care of transportation, clothing allowance and some cash. The boys needed to pay it back to the school afterward.


Charlie and Sam came to Canada in 1902 and 1904 and settled in Alberta and British Columbia.


Francis had steerage passage on the Grampian ship (Allan Line) and left from Londonderry on April 5, 1908, arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on April 14, 1908 and made his way to Portage La Prarie, Manitoba.


His first job in Canada was as a "carriage boy" and paid 75 cents per week. Later he worked as a farmer, school janitor, flour mills, grain elevator laborer, security at the grain elevator. Family say that he may have had more than 50 jobs in his adult life and his final job was in his lat 60's when he took down 2 robbers at the elevator. He was on the front page of the newspaper and when his employer saw the news that read something like, "67 year old man foils robbers" he was let go. In Canada employees weren't allowed to work after 60 years old. 


He married Lillian "Lillie" May Wampler on May 24, 1917, in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba when he was 27 years old and Lillie was 21 where they lived for several years before moving to Thunder Bay, Ontario. They were married in Sarah's house. The clergyman was H.M. Baker Witnesses: Hector McKay Mrs. H.M.Baker


In 1933 during the depression he went to help his brother 


They had two children during their marriage, 8 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren. He celebrated 65 years of marriage, and died on December 23, 1986, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, at the old age of 97.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 23rd Oct 1889 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 23rd Dec 1986  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Frederick Harbron  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Annie Ferguson  
Townland born Dundalk  
Place & Date of Baptism St. Nicholas Church of Ireland, Dundalk, Louth  
Place & Date of Marriage Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada  
Number of Siblings 14  
Place of Death Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada  
Names of Children Edward Lewis Harbron  
First Child Esther Hazel Harbron  
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