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George Bashford was born in Dublin.  His only known job there was as a 'revenue officer'.  He married Mary Hawksby, from Ballymote, Co. Sligo, on 7th May 1843 (place unknown) and the couple then emigrated to London, never to return.

George followed a number of occupations in London, first as a police officer.  During a stay in Cardiff he worked as a 'collector of port dues', while back in London he was a 'broker' and later a a 'manufacturer of plate powder'.  He went bankrupt on one or more occasions and eventually died in a Home for Decayed Merchants in S E London.

He and his wife produced seven known children, of whom four survived to adulthood.  Two sons married and had issue, with the result of at least fifty known descendants, many of whom still living in England.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 10th Mar 1817  
Date of Death 15th Feb 1892  


  • George Bashford carried two middle names, "James St John", but he may awarded them to himself at some point as they did not figure in his early records.  Similarly, he refers to his father as "Thomas George St. John Bashford", though the gentleman is only ever seen as plain Thomas.  The only certain use of flowery names is for George's first surviving son, Thomas Boyle St. John Bashford, who was born and registered with all the names in June 1850.in London.  "George" and James" are forenames comon among the few known ancestors of these people.  The significance of "St John" and "Boyle" is unknown - these may have been the maiden names of ancestresses, or families allied to these Bashfords.  Or pure invention, though "St John has persisted down th family to persons living in 2010.


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