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My 4th great grandfather George Love and his wife Mary Isabella Smith from County Tyrone, took their family to live in Ohio, USA in 1790/91.  I have found the possibility of his father being Robert "of Ballyfoliard" Love (1682-1758) with a wife Mary and his grandfather being Robert "of Strabane"  Love (1655-1722) with a wife name Catherine Granger.  Trying to verify this information somehow.  Any thoughts?



George Love 

Arrival Year:

Arrival Place:
New York 

Family Members:
Son George; Wife Isabella Smith; Son John 

Source Publication Code:

Primary Immigrant:
Love, George 

Date and place of first mention. Place of origin, birth, marriage and death dates, and names of family members may also be provided. 

Source Bibliography:
HANNA, CHARLES A. Ohio Valley Genealogies: Relating Chiefly to Families in Harrison, Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio and Washington, Westmoreland and Fayette Counties, Pennsylvania. New York, 1900. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1968. Page:76 

My notes based on other information I found:

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Has anyone been able to get back beyond George Love b. 1748 in Ardstraw, County Tyrone, Ireland. He married Mary Isabella Smith in County Tyrone, Ireland about 1769. They had 7 children.

In 1791 George and Mary set sail for America. After a rough voyage they arrive in the port of New York. From there they traveled to Washington Co., PA. Accompanying them on their migration was George's sister Nancy and her husband Benjamin Anderson along with each couples respective children.

It is known that this Love line left Scotland in the last half of the 17th century due to religious persecution. They were Calvinists and Presbyterians almost to a man and suffered much for their faith.

I am looking for George's parents who are most likely buried in county Tyrone, Ireland. I'm also looking for information on their roots in Scotland.
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Hi Joseph,

My line went to Washington Co., PA. where other Love's were already established in 1791.

George and Mary had Eight children, all born in Ireland. Seven children traveled to America : John,George, Thomas, William, Mary, Catherine and Jane. It's assumed that the remaining daughter died in Ireland.

Nancy Loveand Benjamin Anderson and their six children: William, Benjamin, Jane (each married in Ireland), Thomas, George and the sixth child, who died during the passage to America.

From New York they traveled to Washington Co. Pa. Benjamin and Nancy bought a farm of two different tracts near Washington, Pa. totaling 100 acres on Brush Run at the Southwest corner of Hopewell Township for 75 pounds cash on January 8, 1791. The land was procured from the Government by Edward Anderson, possible a cousin.

Records show there were Loves and Andersons in Washington, Pa. prior to 1790. Perhaps this had something to do with my ancestors settling there.
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I recently received a family tree dating back to the 1400.I have info regarding the name.The name Love originated from the word Wolf, which means 'Lupus' in Latin, 'Luefs' in French, and became ;Lufe' or 'Luiff' in old Scottich dialects.

Several Loves appeared early in the history of America.The 1st mention of a Love was that of John Love in Boston in 1635, and then a Richard Love in Virginia in 1642.

Records also indicate that Ephraim Love emigrated from the Ulster area of Ireland around 1740, and after living in Pennsylvania, settled in Orange County (later Augusta County), Virginia.

I'm not sure if this helps you or not.

We believe that Ephraim was the beginning oy my Love family in America.I have info back to1420 in Scotland.It indicates all of the Love name changes

Alicia Love
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Jane Love (b 1779 @ Tyrone Co, IRE) married Thomas Gillespie in 1803 in Washington Co., PA. Their daughter Mariah (Maria) married John Welch Karr which is from my line of Kerr/Karr.
Of interest is the fact that Robert Kerr born in Dalry, Ayrshire Scotland about 1748, moved to Ireland about 1770, married one Jemima Morton (Fermanagh County, Ireland) ,and moved to Washington County ( Pike Run) about 1775. In the adjacent Parish of Beith in Ayeshire , there was a established family of Love ( also Luiff in olden days)which are a sept of the Clan MacKinnon. Other families from Fermanagh County, Ireland to move to Washington County were were theCrawford, Welch, Morton, and Sprowl. The Crawford were also Parish neighbors in Ayrshire. The Mortons are also from Ayrshire but from a different Parish. The Loves in Ayrshire could be different from the Loves in Ireland but I feel they are the same. The roll of Flax growers in Northern Ireland contain contain many Ayrshire families.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1748 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 23rd Apr 1824 VIEW SOURCE
Townland born Ardstraw VIEW SOURCE
Names of Children Mother of John, Thomas, Mary (Love) Morgan, George, Jane Jennie" (Love) Gillespie, Catherine "Katie" (Love) Haverfield, & William. VIEW SOURCE
Place of Death Wheeling Township, Belmont, Ohio, USA VIEW SOURCE


  • Good morning!  I am also researching Loves that came from Ireland.  Me 3rd GGrandfather was Charles Love, born 1801 in Ireland, went to Western Pennsylvania (first showing up in Mercer County and then Slippery Rock, Lawrence County).   So close to Washington County, PA!

    Married Nancy Rodgers (daughter of Samuel Rodgers and Mary Henry) and after having a batch of kids followed my 2nd GGrandfather David Love to Ainsworth Iowa.

    I do not know who Charles' father is!  I also don't know when he arrived in the US.  I know he was a Covenanter and was instrumental in the church building in Pennsylvania and I am assuming he is related to the other Love's in that area - Patrick, son John Thomas Love whose daughter Sarah Jane Love married Nancy Rodgers' brother.  One idea is that he is Patrick's son or nephew.

    I have done my DNA test on Ancestry recently - my email is renee@reneecue.com and I think you can search and see if we have any matches.  Any other Ancestry DNA matches I might review?




    Thursday 9th January 2020, 04:16PM
  • Hi Renee,  Unfortunately, I don't know much about the Loves that settled in Pennsylvania.  I descend from those that went to Ohio.  As you can see above, I did find that the two lines possibly came to the US together.  I haven't been working on my line lately as I have had so many others to investigate.  When I get a chance, I will try to see what other information I can find.  If you find anything, please let me know.





    Friday 10th January 2020, 04:21AM

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