George  Rose Russell 1815

George Rose Russell 1815

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia

George Rose Russell is the son of George Russell (born circa 1790), a Customs officer at Dublin and Kingstown in 1808 & Mary (or Maryanne) Russell of a different Russell Family (born circa 1797).

It is estimated that George Rose Russell was born in 1815, it is possible he was born in Ringsend, although it is assumed was born in Dublin.  His birth is calculated from his death in 1889 it states that he was 74 years *

George's brother was William Russell (born it is believed in Dublin in 1817, died 1869 Australia) and married Sarah Walter Jeffery from Kent England.

I am told it is recorded in Irish Genealogical records at the National Library in Dublin that he married Mary Anne Martin on Sep 21 1835 at St Michans, Dublin.  The one that closed around 1880’s. It was located in North Ann (not the protestant church of that name).  However, I found a marriage recorded on 30 January 1831 for a George Russell & Mary Martin at Kildimo, Limerick.  So more digging and confirmation may be required. 

It is believed that he was well-educated while in Dublin as his political career, speeches and achievements in Australia lend to such a background, however, it is recorded that George was a blacksmith and ran his own forge in Dublin probably up to 1854*. 

He migrated to Australia on board the vessel "Northern Light" which departed Liverpool on 11th December 1854 and arrived in Port Adelaide, SA on 7th April 1855 (details can be found in "The Ships List-SA Passenger List 1847-1886" transcribed by Robert Janmaat).   Captain Henry W Plain brought 445 people on the vessel with 8 births and 3 deaths on the journey from England to SA under the care of surgeon Mr JTS Jolley. 

George arrived in SA with his wife Maryanne & six children aged from eighteen down to two.*

George passed away Newport Melbourne Victoria, at his son John's place.  He spent his last 7 years surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

He was a successful miner in Victoria, involved in politics, school boards, mining courts and water races along with his somewhat rebellious brother William (who had several arrests for his exploits and was sent to Australia as a convict unlike his brother George).  The Russell family has a strong footprint in Victoria with Russell's Water Races & the Russell Dam now heritage-listed (H7623-0327) with Hepburn Shire.

His speech following his election to the local court is published under the title "The the Men of Creswick" in the Ballarat Victoria new paper "Star" on Tuesday 4 November 1856 on page 1

*Source: "Irish Fortunes: the Clarke & Russell Families in Creswick" by Gladys Clarke

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1815 (circa)  
Date of Death 8th Oct 1889 VIEW SOURCE
Father (First Name/s and Surname) George Russell  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary Ann Russell (different Russell Family)  
Names of Siblings William Russell (married Sarah Walter Jeffery)  

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