Gerald Kavanagh 1904

Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland

I am looking for more information for my Great Grandfathers Family, he seems to have gone by Gerald and Jeremiah Kavanagh (are these names used interchangeably?) Birth record shows Jeremiah, Cenus for 1911 shows Gerald, my fathers birth certificate shows Gerald, (my father Patrick Kavanagh's birth date is 21st February 1941 born in Dublin) , marriage certificate shows Jeremiah, and my father referred to him as Jeremiah. 

He was born 5th December 1904 and died 11th October 1958 both in Dublin, I remember my late father telling me he died in some kind of accident, and the death certificate shows 'cerebral hemorrhage hypertension'. 

He married Teresa Barry on 2nd August 1931 again in Dublin. 

His parents are John and Mary Kavanagh nee Flynn, I do seem to keep hitting a brick wall when I come to trying to trace marriage records for these two and it is possible Mary had a previous Marrage to a John Biggart, and possibly a Samuel Biggard (although these could be the same person) she had two Children before marriage to my Great Great Grandfarther, Mary Francis and John both show as Biggart on 1901 and 1911 census records, Mary's father on Baptism records seems to be Samuel Biggard, and Johns Baptism record show John Biggart. 

It could be that I have two people a Gerald and a Jeremiah Kavanagh mixed up, however there do seem to be to many other factors that match up on other records, for instance the mothers maiden name of siblings birth records and John Kavanaghs profession. 

If anyone has any connections to this information I would love to hear from you. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 5th Dec 1904  
Date of Death 11th Oct 1958  
Associated Building (s) St Mary's Church  

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