Gerald Swalthy 1790

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Gerald Swalthy & Catherine Rourke baptised the following children in the RC parish of Clogheen:

Margaret Swalthy 30-Dec-1816
Laurence Swalthy 22-Oct-1819
Catherine Swalthy 27-Aug-1822
Johanna Swalthy 19-Dec-1823

John Swalthy 19-Dec-1828

Margaret Swalthy married William Buckley in Clogheen RC on 02-Feb-1823 (no further records)

Another Margaret Swalthy b. 1828 (dressmaker, spinster) died age 52 in Clogheen Workhouse. 04-Oct-1880 from Chronic Anascara (swelling from head to foot). 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1790 (circa)