Gilbert Gannon Catherine Collins and were baptising children in the townland Ballyculleen (RC parish of Croghan) from as early as 1819. This couple may have migrated eastward from near Elphin  (in or about Clooncraff or Toomore or Skeagh townlands the parish of AUGHRIM). 

However, as far back as 1813, Thomas Ward & Elizabeth Owens invited Gilbert Gannon to godparent on (par Croghan –Thaddy Fox & Brigid Farrel did the same in 1834 here). In 1817 Dominic Devany & Eleanor Gannon invited Gilbert & Mary Gannon to godparent in the parish of AUGHRIM. 

Martin Higgins & Brigid Conry of Ballyculleen invited Catherine Collins & James Stapelton to godparent in 1834. They must have been very close to Catherine because they invited her to godparent again in 1836 when the previous godchild did not survive. Catherine's siblings were Malachy Collins of Clooncraff (par. of Aughrim) John Collins, Thomas Collins and Patrick Collins all of the parish of AUGHRIM near Elphin.

Gilbert's siblings were: Dennis Gannon, Thomas Gannon, Mary Gannon, Eleanor Gannon, Catherine Gannon of Ballyculleen. John and James Dolan of Ballyculleen were close kin. And the Dolans were close to Thomas Ward & Elizabeth Owens mentioned above. 

Children of Gilbert Gannon & Catherine Collins: 

Catherine Gannon b. 1819  Godparents: Dennis Gannon & Mary Beirne

Patrick Gannon b1826 Godparents: Malachy Collins  & Brigid Higgins

Dennis Gannon b 1827 Godparents:  James Dolan & Rose Dolan

Margaret Gannon b 1836 Godparents:  Mary Gannon

By 1857 the only Gannon landholder recorded in the parish of Killukin was a Catherine Gannon of Derrylow (widow) near Croghan. 

Gilbert Gannon (1873–1968) of Carrowreagh Elphin, farmer, died a bachelor. 

(Not to be confused with Gilbert Gannon (1804–1876) & Mary / Margaret Magrath of Toomore (par Aughrim) who married in the parish of Elphin in 1827).  This Gilbert likely shared a grandfather of the same name. Thady Gannon of Tiermore aka Toomore ELPHIN (m. Catherine Kelly) was this man's brother. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1795 (circa)
Associated Building (s) Ballyculleen townland  

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